Though the Peloton instructor and his partner Cheryl Burke have tested positive for COVID-19, they are still going to be able to compete.

Dancing With the Stars has come up with a novel — though somewhat head-scratching — way to make up for the fact that one of its contestants and his pro has tested positive for COVID-19: Cody Rigsby and his partner Cheryl Burke will dance virtually, and alone.

Rigsby, who announced via Instagram Thursday that he tested positive for COVID-19, will be allowed to dance a solo jazz number virtually from New York. Meanwhile, Burke, who tested positive for COVID-19 on Sunday, will perform "with him" from Los Angeles. Both have been fully vaccinated and say they are experiencing mild symptoms.

Jazz dancing can be performed separately since there are no movements that require clasped hands. So it's a perfect way, under the circumstances, for the duo to stay in the competition.

"We will be doing it from the comfort of our own home," Burke told Good Morning America on Friday. "Look at that, I've turned our living room into a ballroom."

"The universe is crazy. Sometimes it just throws things in your lap and you gotta just go with it," Rigsby, a Peloton instructor, also told GMA. It's his second bout with COVID-19 this year.

Cheryl Burke and Cody Rigsby on 'Dancing With the Stars.'
| Credit: ABC/Eric McCandless

Bigsby and Burke were already given special dispensation on the Sept. 27 episode of DWTS after Burke announced she tested positive for COVID-19. The duo stayed away from the ballroom but was judged on their rehearsal performance of the salsa, which earned 24 out of 40 possible points.

Monday is Britney Spears night on DWTS, which airs at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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