After initially flying under the radar, Schitt's Creek ended its run as one of the most beloved comedies in recent memory, developing a fervent fanbase and exploring LGBTQ narratives with rare nuance.

But instead of basking in his success, co-creator and star Dan Levy is keeping it humble (and very Canadian).

Appearing on GLAAD's "Together in Pride: You Are Not Alone" livestream and coronavirus fundraiser on Sunday, the actor and his famous eyebrows spoke to host Billy Eichner about his popular series.

Eichner asked Levy when he felt like his life changed with Schitt's Creek, which began as a cult comedy but amassed a large fanbase thanks to streaming and word of mouth.

"It’s funny for us because I think when you start off really small, you don’t ever assume that you’re any bigger than when you started," Levy responded. "And especially if you’re Canadian, I think there's just an inherent sense of just like, 'No, please.'"

Dan Levy
Credit: Jose Mandojana

However, the Toronto-bred star also said he's been enjoying bumbling through his newfound fame with his castmates, including his father Eugene Levy, his sister Sarah Levy, and Annie Murphy.

"For me, it's been a thrill to watch our cast, like the Clampetts, just get thrown onto a carpet at the Emmys and watch us all wander around like a bunch of idiots, not knowing who and why and what," he added.

Still, when Levy spoke about the show's legacy for EW's cover story recently, he did take pride in making a show focused on positivity and second chances.

"I'm feeling so satiated by putting goodness out into the world and contributing to this era of joyful television, seeing just how transformative positive stories about people growing for the better and changing, how the ripple effect of that is so great — and how much people need it," Levy said.

The GLAAD livestream also featured celebrities like Billy Porter, Jonathan Van Ness, Tatiana Maslany, and Kesha. It raised more than $225,000 to support local LGBTQ centers.

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