As season 3 of DuckTales continues, Daisy Duck is set to finally make her appearance on the show. Co-showrunner Francisco Angones tells EW how the show came up with their own take on this Disney icon.

By Christian Holub
April 21, 2020 at 12:00 PM EDT

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The newest season of DuckTales has not been afraid to recruit some big-name guest stars. The two-part season premiere, for instance, introduced Goofy (Bill Farmer) to the current incarnation of the show — even if Goofy's cameo was overshadowed somewhat by the mind-blowing meta-comedy of the episode he found himself in. This week's episode brings Daisy Duck (Tress MacNeille) into the fold, and you can see her first encounter with Donald (Tony Anselmo) in the exclusive clip above.

Unlike Goofy, who was recognized by every DuckTales character when he popped up, Daisy is a newcomer. The forthcoming episode is titled "Louie's Eleven!" because it centers around a heist organized by Louie Duck (Bobby Moynihan) to infiltrate the prestigious party of cultural tastemaker Emma Glamour (Bebe Neuwirth). Daisy is Glamour's assistant, which means she stands in the way of Donald's scheme to get famous.

"We had talked about Daisy all the way back in season 1," co-showrunner Francisco Angones tells EW. "There was a period of time where we thought we would make Daisy Glomgold’s personal assistant. The idea was Glomgold would be like, 'well McDuck has Donald Duck, so I’ll have Daisy Duck!' In that version they were exes. But we were looking at it, and it seemed like so many stories we were telling in that first season were rooted in things that happened in the past. We were like geez, it’s like all of the most interesting stories already happened before our show started. So we decided to take another approach: Instead of having it be history, let’s have them meet for the first time."

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Angones continues, "Honestly I don’t think we could’ve done a Donald/Daisy story justice in the first 2 seasons, because Donald was so all-consumed with taking care of the kids that he would be neglecting his duties or whatever. But now that Della’s back, now they’ve got nothing but parental figures in their life. It takes some pressure off Donald, letting him have something he wants, that’s been really fun to do across a couple of episodes. Building from that, we wanted to make sure that Daisy was accessible. It’s very easy to paint Daisy as a character as a mean individual, a generic nagging sitcom wife and a wet blanket. No, let’s start from the start and explore why these two individuals belong together. That translated to more story ideas for us in season 3."

Watch the clip above. New episodes of DuckTales air Saturdays on Disney XD; the first two seasons are streaming on Disney+.

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