CBS Studios stresses the project remains in development, despite what Emily Prentiss thinks!
Credit: CBS

A spokesperson for CBS Studios insists that a revival of Criminal Minds remains in development at Paramount+, despite pessimism shared by actor Paget Brewster that it'll never see the light of day.

Brewster, who played Emily Prentiss on the grizzly crime series from 2006 to 2020, told a fan via Twitter that she thinks the revival is "dead." "I'll let. you know if there is any progress but it seems unlikely. Which is a bummer."

Earlier this year, EW learned that Paramount+ was considering whether or not to bring back the longtime crime drama that also starred Joe Mantegna, A.J. Cook, and Kirsten Vangsness. Criminal Minds showrunner and executive producer Erica Messer was even on board to return, but it was not clear which actors were willing to join her. The revival was seen as a way to boost subscribers for the revamped platform, which was formerly known as CBS All Access.

At the time, Paramount+ had already announced a revival of The Real World featuring the cast from the first season.

Launched in 2005, Criminal Minds follows profilers who work in the FBI's Behavior Analysis Unit. In an interview last year before the show wrapped its run, Messer talked about her writers' room and whether she would ever want to do another procedural.

"Some people love telling procedural stories and especially serial killer stories, so some plan to keep pursuing that," Messer told EW. "Others like myself wanted to step away from it a little bit and look for the light in the world instead of all this darkness. But everybody who's been on this show has an incredible skill set that we can't ignore. It's the skill set of being able to tell a mystery and being able to tell a character-driven procedural. It's been a lot of fun."

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