She'll be so there for you, she'll give you a tour of the Warner Bros. backlot.

Whether it's due to a set change, lighting adjustments, makeup and hair issues, or even last-minute rewrites, actors often have time to kill on TV sets. Having been in the business for years, though, Courteney Cox has found clever ways to avoid sitting around and twiddling her thumbs.

"Here I am on the backlot of Warner Bros. filming my show, Shining Vale. There's definitely a lot of time in between setups, but I don't get bored. Nope, I see opportunity all around," Cox said in a new Instagram video she shared on Wednesday.

And the former Friends star got right to showing off her industriousness, filling her wait time with a myriad of activities, including driving a golf cart full of tourists enjoying the Warner Bros. studio tour in Burbank, Calif.

And, before you can ask/say, "Really!?" – why yes, she did take them to the stage closest to her heart.

"[We're coming up to] Stage 5, which is right here on our right," Cox tells the tourists (note the Friends shirt on one of them) as she maneuvers the tour vehicle to her old haunt in the clip. "This is where Friends started in 1994, and is now occupied by a show called Shining Vale -- starring me."

Courteney Cox
Courteney Cox
| Credit: Courteney Cox/Instagram

Cox had lots more energy -- and the time -- for much, much more during a break from her upcoming Starz show.

She gave Greg Kinnear, a costar in her comedy/horror Starz series, a nasal swab. The actress also helped serve food to the crew, even though she may not be a Monica in the kitchen (although her Instagrams have showed us that she, too, has a passion for cooking). 

Courteney Cox
Greg Kinnear
| Credit: Courteney Cox/Instagram

After driving the tourist party to the Friends stage, Cox capped off her video by making a tight turn in the oversized golf cart.

"Go wide! Go Wide! Go Wide!" people shout at her as she tries to go around a Honda CRV -- and ends up pulling it off.

Cox soundtracked her video to Fifth Harmony's "Work from Home," and you can watch the whole clip, below:

Starz picked up Shining Vale back in April. The eight-episode first season, follows Patricia "Pat" Phelps (Cox), who moves with her family (Kinnear plays her spouse, Terry) to a small town, and in particular, a house where some really, really bad stuff happened. And Pat, who is attempting to save her marriage to Terry after an affair with a handyman, might be in need of some saving of her own thanks to the house, and possibly demonic possession. No release date has been set for the series.

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