Meet the friends at the center of Connecting, who are just as tired of quarantine as you are.


Who isn't sick of quarantine?

We're all weathering 2020 as best as we can, and so are the characters of Connecting. The NBC comedy is about a group of friends leaning on one another as they try to come to terms with, and find a way through, the pandemic keeping them in isolation. "It's about being there for each other when you can't physically be there for each other," says executive producer Brendan Gall. Watch the first trailer below.

It stars Otmara Marrero, Keith Powell, Jill Knox, Shakina Nayfack, Ely Henry, Parvesh Cheena and Preacher Lawson.

Connecting begins shortly after we all sheltered-in-place and brings us through just before the election, covering what's happened throughout 2020. "It runs the gamut, and we hope it speaks to many different types of experiences," shares series creator Martin Gero, who is returning to the network after five seasons of Blindspot. Gero and Gall are not telling a story about their experience during the pandemic, so they leaned on the writers and crew to share how they are feeling. "We want people to feel acknowledged and to have their experiences represented in television in a cathartic way," he adds.

The series was safely shot while the actors and crew were in their homes and will be one of the few new programs on broadcast television this fall.

For those unsure about watching a show that reflects what we're still living, the creators have thought about that. "All you need to do is see a scene with all seven of our leads," Gall shares. "This is the furthest thing from feeling isolated." The show will be a comfort, says Gero, who is excited for viewers to get to know all the new comedy's characters.

Connecting premieres Oct. 1 on NBC.

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