"We had an interesting relationship with Larry on this show," O'Brien told his audience.

By Nick Romano
January 26, 2021 at 12:36 PM EST

People know the late Larry King as a broadcasting legend, but Conan O'Brien remembers him as a lover of comedy.

For some reason, King found himself coming on O'Brien''s talk show again and again (not even Conan knows why) across all its incarnations, from Late Night in 1993 through his most recent TBS Conan show. He would always let "his comedy side come out," O'Brien recalled during a remembrance of King on Monday.

O'Brien demonstrated what he meant by airing a compilation of clips from King's various appearances on his show. Those included the time when the journalist dressed up as Wolverine, hosted a show from the rafters above O'Brien's stage, and got in bed with O'Brien and Andy Richter.

"As time went on, we kept thinking of sillier and sillier things and would think, 'Well, Larry probably doesn't want to do this. He's such an esteemed broadcaster.' And I love him for it. He'd always say, 'Sounds funny. I'll do it,'" O'Brien reminisced, two days after King died at the age of 87. "He would show up, we'd put him in a costume, we'd pitch him these crazy ideas, and he'd say he liked to make people laugh. It was something that I think gave him a lot of joy, and he was good at it. He was really funny."

Many in the industry and those who've appreciated King's work paid tribute in various ways to the man who enjoyed a long career across radio, television, and digital media. A cause of death was not given as of yet, but he was hospitalized this month for COVID-19.

Watch Conan's tribute to King above.

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