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Common is accustomed to performing in front of fans, but nothing could've prepared him for his latest collaboration with colorful puppets from Fraggle Rock: Rock On! 

The rapper and actor appears in the new Apple TV+ series — a spin-off of the popular 80s children's puppet show created by Jim Henson — singing an original song recreated from the original series alongside characters Gobo and Red Fraggle available to watch on Tuesday morning. He spoke to EW about his experience shooting the episode while under quarantine and why the mini-episodes are perfect for virtual dates.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: For audiences not familiar with Fraggle Rock, what is a Fraggle?

COMMON: My description of a Fraggle is they're a cousin of a muppet. They're these characters including Gobo, Red, Boober, Mokey, and Wembley who are very charismatic.

You're used to performing in front of audiences, how was this experience different?

It was different than performing in front of an audience as far as like people who come to hear my music. Performing with the Fraggles felt like I was co-collaborating with them when I was performing. There's something about the characters that brought out the joy in me. I was so happy to perform my song with them and for them. It really lit me up to be able to do this show.

Do you feel like this show brought out the kid in you?

Yeah, it's like magic! I was on a Zoom call with the producers and creatives talking about what we were going to do and at one point, the gentleman who plays Gobo brought the puppet out and we all couldn't stop smiling. At that moment I knew this is why I decided to do this. They bring this good energy when the Fraggles discuss topics like friendships and connections, it makes me so happy.

It's a shame this was shot during the pandemic and you didn't get a chance to really hang out with the Fraggles. Would you do it again?

Hopefully, as we move towards a new way of life there will be another opportunity to be with them in person. I love it so much! I have no qualms with saying how much I enjoyed this experience. I really love that I can reach young people because I can't really do that with my music or my films which are for mature audiences.  Through this experience, I was finally able to create something for kids and I'm really proud of that.

A friend of mine was watching the original Fraggle Rock the week I got the call to do the show. She said she was so into it as she was binge-watching it. Two days later I got the call and I told myself I had to do it. It was meant to be.

Is this friend Tiffany Haddish, who you've been on some virtual dates with during the quarantine?

[Laughs] I just said it was a friend of mine. But what I will say is that we had a great time during our Bumble date.

Do you think Fraggle Rock would be a good show to watch during a virtual date?

For sure! I think it's a good way for a woman to test if a guy thinks he's too cool. I know I'm not too cool to be on Fraggle Rock because of the joy and fun it brings. It's a good test to see if they're free and open-minded. And since the episodes are short, they'd be perfect for a virtual date.

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