"I couldn't do it in one shot," says Macchio of the stomach-churning sequence that ended up on the cutting room floor.

Warning: This story contains spoilers for Cobra Kai season 4 episode 2, "First Learn Stand."

It may have taken 33 years and 30 episodes of Cobra Kai, but dueling senseis Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) finally agreed to work together in season 4.

In "First Learn Stand," the rivals-turned-allies decide that the only way they can move forward as a team is if they each learn the other's style of karate. This leads to a pair of hilarious training montages, as Johnny practices time-honored Miyagi-Do techniques including "wax on, wax off" and "paint the fence," while Daniel is subjected to some brutally macho Eagle Fang methods like walking on hot coals and cranking out push-ups on his knuckles.

But there was a moment of pain you didn't see: Creators Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg, who also directed episode 2, filmed a scene where Johnny blindfolds Daniel and makes him chug a gross-looking pre-training smoothie. "It was supposed to be like vodka and eggs," says Cobra Kai's third creator/exec producer, Josh Heald. "Ralph had to drink it, and it took like an interminable amount of time for him to choke down whatever the heck the prop master made. It was like baby food in real life."

Macchio confirms that the concoction was, in fact, disgusting. "It was like if Johnny Lawrence grabbed everything in his fridge, whether it was expired or not, maybe threw in some protein that he heard about, and put it in the blender that was probably still rusty and mildewed," he jokes. "I couldn't do it in one shot. I mean, I kept thinking of Stallone in the original Rocky film, taking the five eggs down. But I went for it — it just didn't make it into the episode."

Welp, it sounds perfect for the season 4 blooper reel.

For more on season 4 from Macchio and the Cobra Kai team, read our full digital cover story here.

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