Winter blues got you down? Quit complaining! Cobra Kai sensei Johnny Lawrence has five tips for making it through the long months ahead.

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If there's anyone who knows how to power through some hard times, it's Johnny Lawrence. Cobra Kai's unconventional sensei (played to perfection by William Zabka) was down on his luck for almost 35 years before he rediscovered the healing power of karate. EW asked Cobra Kai's creative team to imagine how Johnny will make it through the long winter of 2021. Read on, losers.

Johnny Lawrence's guide to life
Credit: Sports Illustrated

Curl up with a good book

"Stock up on as many swimsuit issues as you can. Everyone's all cranked up about this World Wide Web, but all it takes is one downed power line and you're out of luck. Plus, babes are hotter on the page. That's proven."

Johnny Lawrence's guide to life

Everyone's a mixologist

"Since when did having a drink involve a chemistry set? Keep it simple and crack open a Coors Banquet. There's no problem big enough that a Banquet can't solve."

Credit: Everett Collection

Be kind, rewind

"Fire up that VCR and let Sly take you away. If you start watching Rocky III, Demolition Man, Rambo II, Cliffhanger, Rocky IV, Tango & Cash, and Over the Top at midnight on Valentine's Day, Stallone wins a semi rig just in time for St. Patrick's Day."

Johnny Lawrence's guide to life
Credit: Oscar Mayer

Now you're cooking

"Stop ordering food from some guy's car on your smartphone app. Bologna is nature's way of thanking us — and it's good with pretty much everything. I fry mine in butter. But you can eat it cold with pickles. If you have people over, melt some Velveeta on top and make it fancy. You're welcome."

Johnny Lawrence's guide to life
Credit: NOEL CELIS/AFP via Getty Images

Beach body ready

"Your gym may be closed, but the dojo's open. Bench press your coffee table. Do pushups with a dog on your back. You ever see the World's Strongest Man? That's what your body should look like. Do you want to be the strongest person in the world with muscles spilling out from every sleeve and seam? Or do you wanna be a regular person with no muscle spillage? Make the smart choice."

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