"It's not an ask; this is a do this or else kind of thing."

Looks like not much has changed in the relationship between assistant district attorney Decourcy Ward (Aldis Hodge) and corrupt FBI veteran Jackie Rohr (Kevin Bacon). Showtime's Boston-set crime drama City on a Hill returns March 28 for season 2, and EW has an exclusive first look above.

"Jackie, you ain't getting rid of me — ever," says Decourcy in a tense bar showdown. "If you could have gotten rid of me, you would have. The fact that you can't got's to be driving you f---ing insane."

Firing back, Jackie notes, "People tend to hang themselves. We all do. Just a matter of time."

Fresh off his big 2020, with The Invisible Man and One Night in Miami, Hodge recently gave EW a tease of what's in store for City on Hill, on which he is now a producer.

"We have a bit more shock when it comes to the people around Jackie and Decourcy and how their lives intersect with ours," he shares. "We're going through different levels of fear, terror, self-reflection when it comes to who these people are in the space they're in. Even Jackie has those moments where he has to look in the mirror and say, 'Who am I? And is this who I really want to be?'"

Credit: Eric Ogden/SHOWTIME

Here's the official synopsis: "Season two centers on a federal housing project in the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston that is plagued with drug violence and a rightful distrust in local law enforcement. As coalition leader Grace Campbell (Pernell Walker) works tirelessly on behalf of the community, her efforts are undermined by gang activity happening right under her nose. Enter irreverent FBI agent Jackie Rohr, who is here to exploit Boston's defective criminal justice system in a desperate attempt to salvage his own career. Unfortunately for Jackie, assistant district attorney Decourcy Ward is onto his adversary's latest misstep. In time, the personal antagonism between these two escalates to an all-out war between the offices of the U.S. Attorney and the Suffolk DA. No one is safe from the collateral damage."

Watch the premiere clip above.

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