It's time for a family reunion!

After a season filled with familiar faces, Grey's Anatomy is bringing back Meredith's (Ellen Pompeo) half-sister her first half-sister — Lexie Grey.

The promo for next week's episode revealed Lexie to be the latest back-from-the-dead guest to join Meredith on the beach, a.k.a. the sort of life-and-death limbo where Meredith goes during her ongoing battle with COVID-19. Lexie will follow in the footsteps of Derek (Patrick Dempsey) and George (T.R. Knight), who've both surprised viewers this season. The series also recently announced the return of April (Sarah Drew), though it's assumed that she'll be visiting in the land of the living.

Leigh first joined Grey's at the end of its third season as a new intern, and remained on the series until Lexie died in a plane crash at the end of season 8. There's no word yet on whether Lexie's love, Mark Sloan (Eric Dane), might also join the sisters on the beach, but here's hoping.

Watch the promo below:

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