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Don't expect Christopher Walken to follow in Mandy Patinkin's footsteps and twerk on TikTok anytime soon, especially since the actor has never owned a cellphone or computer.

Appearing via Zoom to talk about his movie Wild Mountain Thyme on The Late Show, Walken told host Stephen Colbert, "Somebody had to come and set this up because I don't have a cellphone or a computer."

Intrigued, Colbert asked if Walken had a moral reason for avoiding technology.

"No, no," the 77-year-old responded. "I just got to it too late. I think I'm right at a certain age where it just passed me by. And I never got involved in it because it would be strange to have any 10-year-old be much better at it than I am."

The Oscar winner continued, saying cell phones were like watches because "if you need one, somebody else has got it."

He also said he's never sent an email or texted or been on Twitter.

"Sometimes on a movie they'll give me a cell phone, but it's more so that they can find me… like a tracking collar. If I want to use it, someone has to dial it for me, that kind of thing," he said.

Oh, to be Christopher Walken, just walking around, unbothered about the latest Trump tweet or whether it'd be better to BCC or CC a co-worker in an email. But we wonder, what does he do all day? Read? Perhaps playing a certain musical instrument?

Watch the full interview below:

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