The Organized Crime star is having fun with the thirst tweets about his behind.

Now this is a Twitter conversation we can get behind: Christopher Meloni has discovered that fans appreciate him for more than just his acting chops on NBC's Law & Order: Organized Crime.

Triggered by a picture of Meloni on set, fans tapped their inner Sir Mix-A-Lot and went off on the actor's rump-o'-smooth-skin on social media. One fan asked if Meloni's shapely glutes, or "birthday cake," was homemade while another inquired about using "your butt in case of emergency."

Both a zaddy and a jokester, Meloni, 60, was happy to oblige. "But first, a tutorial," he responded to the latter. "Put it around ur neck, blow into the tube to inflate, and then assume the position. Emergency exits are this way and that."

As for the comment about his derriere resembling a fine baked good, Meloni quipped, "Wudda tasted better without a wallet and phone buried in the filling."

Meloni returned to primetime April 1 for a special crossover episode of Special Victims Unit that reintroduced his beloved character, Elliot Stabler, to the streets of New York. In his new spin-off, Organized Crime, Stabler will go after mobsters with Chicago Med's Danielle Moné Truitt (as police sergeant Ayanna Bell). Dylan McDermott (American Horror Story) and Tamara Taylor (Bones) also play key supporting characters.

"We want to do a different Law & Order," Showrunner Ilene Chaiken told EW. "If they had asked me to do a conventional procedural, I probably wouldn't have said yes, because it's not my strength and it's not my interest. Yes, it's very much a part of the franchise, and the fans will get all of the things they want from it. But the very first thing [Wolf's team] said to me is that the show is serialized. His family, his history, is all very much a part of the show. That's the show — who this man was, who he is." 

Organized Crime follows Special Victims Unit at 10 p.m. ET/PT Thursdays on NBC.

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