Plus, a 9-month pregnant — and immaculate as ever — Christine talks finding out she was expecting in an exclusive clip.

The most glamorous brokers on the block are back.

The fourth season of Netflix's soapy, real estate reality series Selling Sunset lands on the streaming service on Wednesday, Nov. 24, and it's packed full of dazzling mansions, celebrity clients, impressive hair extensions (cough, Christine, cough), and — of course — a boat full (or should we say gargantuan yacht full?) of drama between the Oppenheim agents.

Not unlike the rest of us, former actress and broker Chrishell Stause was itching to get back to work after the pandemic. "We were just all so excited that they had figured out a way that we could safely go back to film and be able to do what we love all together," she tells EW. "Because it was not just that we weren't filming, we weren't able to be together in the office even without the cameras. So to have the show step in and find a safe way for us to go back to doing the simple things was such a breath of fresh air. I think we all came into it with reinvigorated energy and just excited, not only see each other again but just to be able to be in the same room and safely show houses."

Selling Sunset
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She might've been excited to get back to work and see some of her fellow agents, but after the tense season 3 finale where Davina's incessant prying caused Chrishell to leave Christine's wedding upset, we'd imagine she was reluctant to see some of her fellow brokers again. However, rather than immersing herself in the drama, Stause is adopting a rise-above attitude when it comes to those catty moments.

"When you go through real things that actually matter and aren't easy to get over, like losing a parent, it just puts things into perspective," she says. "Coming back into filming this season, I was in a place where it's easier for me to decipher the things that are worth getting worked up over. You gotta pick your battles because your peace of mind is worth a lot of money, no matter what paycheck you're getting."

So, should we expect all the ladies to be best buddies braiding each others' hair extensions this season? Definitely not, but, for her part, Stause wants to keep the peace at the office, at least. "My whole idea is just if someone's going to be sharing space with you and working with you, then do the best you can to make it not a tumultuous environment," she says, adding, "That doesn't mean we have to invite each other over to each other's houses. We just need to be able to work in a place where we don't want to pull each other's hair out."

Whether she and Christine could ever kiss and make up is an entirely different issue though. "I would always appreciate someone taking accountability for things that they've done," says Stause when asked if she'd forgive Christine for her past s--- stirring if the fierce new mom apologized. "It may not mean you turn a switch and all of a sudden you're best friends, but I think that it shows a lot of character if someone's able to recognize and take accountability for the pain that they've caused someone. I would always respect that."

Luckily, there's a couple of fresh faces at the Oppenheim group to keep things spicy, with model and frozen foods entrepreneur Emma Hernan and Mexican-American novela star-turned-real estate agent Vanessa Villela joining the team. Vanessa arrives at the Oppenheim office ready to "mend the fence" between the agents, but, of course, fences on docusoaps aren't built to be repaired easily — no matter the listing price. "Without all the information, Vanessa didn't know how far the fences were away from each other," says Stause. "But she definitely gives it an effort. I think everyone can appreciate that. I love Vanessa's energy. She's really just such a love and she's doing so well, so I'm really proud of her."

Selling Sunset
'Selling Sunset'
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Stause says she's also looking forward to the viewers getting to know Emma, adding that it's a shame the entrepreneur entered the show under a "cloud of drama" due to her past connection with Christine. (They apparently were both engaged to the same man around the same time.) "I've gotten to know her over time and she's just such a lovely person who leads with her heart," says Stause. "I just hope that the viewers understand that this is not normally who she is, going around talking about these things and doing these things. It just happens that when you're entering our brokerage and you have this kind of a past with someone, it is going to become a bigger topic than it would have. I really, really love Emma, so I'm just hoping that she's given her chance to shine away from that cloud."

Let the clouds roll in — we're ready.

Selling Sunset season 4 drops on Netflix on Wednesday, Nov. 24. Watch an exclusive clip above.

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