Get the scoop on how the Shang-Chi star ended up enlisting the Oppenheim Group to help find a new home, plus see exclusive images from the new season.

Selling Sunset (TV series)

Even MCU heroes need a little help finding the perfect pad.

On the upcoming fourth season of Selling Sunset, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings star Simu Liu stops by the Oppenheim Group offices to enlist Chrishell Stause's help in snagging his dream home. And it turns out, his appearance all started with a tweet.

Simu Liu , Chrishell Stause
Simu Liu gets some help house hunting from Chrishell Stause on the new season of 'Selling Sunset'
| Credit: Arturo Holmes/Getty Images; Rich Fury/Getty Images

Stause tells EW that when she first noticed the actor talking about her Netflix show on Twitter, she was just excited that he was a fan, but never imagined he'd reach out to pursue her house-hunting skills.

"You have to give all the props to Twitter," Stause says. "It started very innocently enough of me just being excited that he was a fan of the show because I felt like he wasn't the kind of person that you would have expected to be watching and actively Tweeting about it. So I took it as a huge compliment and thought it was super cool. Then it just happened so innocently — he mentioned that he might be actually looking for a place soon, and then I was like, um, I can help you with that."

Stause didn't really expect the MCU star to then want to be on Selling Sunset while she did her job and looked for homes for him, but to her surprise he was game. "I said, 'listen, I understand this can be a question that you ignore, but I absolutely have to ask if you'd be willing to film this on the show, but no pressure, I'll help you either way,'" she explains. "That's how I approach it with any celebs that I've worked with in the seasons you're about to see. I just put it on their plate and try not to pressure them at all and just say, 'it's totally up to you, I'll work with you no matter what.' But he was so enthusiastic about it!"

Selling Sunset
Chrishell Stause on "Selling Sunset."
| Credit: Patrick Wymore/Netflix

Indeed, Stause says Liu was so on board he didn't do the usual "Oh, let me talk to my team" line. Instead, he thought it was a great idea from the very beginning. "He was just such a pro," says the agent. "There's certain times with production, where maybe it works better for his schedule to go on this day, but we don't have the location to shoot until this day, but he was just such a love. Normally, I have extra on my plate when I'm working with a celebrity and I'm trying to cater to them, but also need to cater to production and the limits that we have with filming, but he was just so lovely and so helpful. I am so excited. I mean, he's obviously blown up since then. He was already there, but now I'll be driving down the street and there he is on the billboard!"

Less excited by the actor's presence in the Oppenheim office might be Stause's boss and now-boyfriend Jason Oppenheim, who has to watch while the MCU hero gets a little flirty with his favorite agent. "I think that the producers started to touch on [our relationship] before we shared with them," says Stause about Oppenheim's stolen glances at Liu and Stause chatting on the office couch. "I can't wait to watch the show because I want to see those things that I didn't know about. I actually don't think I picked up on it in the moment [with Liu], but I think it would be really entertaining to see it after the fact."

Selling Sunset
Chrishell Stause on Netflix's "Selling Sunset."
| Credit: Patrick Wymore/Netflix

As for a particularly funny moment when Stause very nearly has a wardrobe malfunction in front of the Marvel star? "I don't remember this and I'm already mortified! says Stause. "Simu is such a gentlemen. He's the kind of person who would probably tell you you've got food in your teeth, so I'm sure he just moved past it in a way where I just kind of forgot it happened."

Season 4 of Selling Sunset drops on Netflix November 24.

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