Jenny McCarthy is convinced clues point to the Captain America star being under Turtle's shell.
chris evans masked singer

Bjork. Christina Aguilera. Jamie Foxx. FABIO. Normally, Ken Jeong takes the cake for the most out-there guesses for contestants on The Masked Singerbut Jenny McCarthy may have him beat.

In the exclusive teaser below for Wednesday's two-hour episode featuring the Super Nine contestants, McCarthy is convinced a certain Avenger is under Turtle's shell.

"I originally thought, the first time we saw him, it was Nick Lachey, but now I'm really feeling that superhero clue, and I want to just play with that for a second. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Chris Evans — he was in that film," McCarthy said, pleading her case.

Indeed, Evans played Casey Jones, a vigilante who helps the Turtles in the 2007 movie TMNT. 

However, fellow panelist Robin Thicke threw a wrench into McCarthy's prediction by bringing up another one of Turtle's clues.

"He did say 40 pounds was a quarter of his body weight, so that would have to be the Chris Evans at the beginning of Captain America, before he was shocked with radiation," the singer said, to laughs from the audience.

In 2011's Captain America: The First AvengerEvans' Steve Rogers went through the "super-soldier treatment," going from frail to ultra buff in order to become Captain America.

"Have you seen Chris Evans' shoulders? They're bigger than Turtle's shell," Thicke also pointed out.

But Nicole Scherzinger backed up her girl, noting that "Evans is a method actor. His shoulders might have shrunk" to play Turtle on The Masked Singer, of all choices.

While we admire her bold thinking, EW disagrees with McCarthy — we believe Turtle is singer and former teen heartthrob Jesse McCartney, and we have the receipts to prove it.

Tune in Wednesday to hear Turtle perform, along with Banana, Kangaroo, Night Angel, and more of the Super Nine in a special two-hour episode that will see one singer eliminated. And hey, on the 0.00001 percent chance that McCarthy is right, we might get to see Chris Evans get unmasked!

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