The music icon was just glad to see him return with an SVU spin-off.

Cher is strong enough to tackle personal questions from Late Late Show host James Corden.

During her appearance on the CBS show Wednesday night, the music icon got a bit of a grilling about the Christopher Meloni-praising tweet she posted on April 11 ("CHRISTOPHER MELONI IS EXCELLENT, CHARISMATIC ACTOR") when Corden, of course, had to ask what was behind the comment.

"Well I think I'd seen his new show," Cher explained, referring to Law & Order: Organized Crime, the Meloni-starring spin-off that debuted on NBC after the actor made his long-awaited return to Law & Order: SVU. "And, I do — I like that show. I think that it's an excellent show, and underrated, and the acting is really good. And I thought that he added something to the show — to SVU — that kind of left. And so when I saw him in his show I thought, 'Good on you,' and, 'You're good,' and 'I'm glad you're back, doing a show,' and whatever."

Corden, though, wondered if there might be something more to Cher's social post than her respect of Meloni's acting abilities, and asked if the actor was her type. "I knew you were going to say that," Cher sighed.

While Corden noted that the actor, who plays Det. Elliot Stabler – whose derriere recently caught the attention of fans on social media – is a "dish," Cher explained that she can admire someone's work without an interest in going the way of love.

"Just because someone is an excellent actor doesn't mean you want to jump on their bones and roll them around in the carpet," she said.

The late night host did attempt to use the opportunity to find out who fits the singer's type, but she stayed mum – for good reason. "Well, I'm not telling you because you're such a big blabber mouth," Cher, who was promoting her Paramount+ documentary, Cher & the Loneliest Elephant said.

While Corden jumped to a romantic-leaning conclusion about Cher's past tweet, Meloni seemed to take it as intended and simply appreciated being appreciated. "A lovely way to start the day," he responded to "If I Could Turn Back Time" singer.

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