This was after the actor was asked about The Deep's sexcapades with aquatic animals.

Chace Crawford's The Deep gets some of the most outlandish material on The Boys. He flirted with a sexually active dolphin in season 1, he had a hallucinatory conversation with his own gills (voiced by Patton Oswalt) in season 2, and the trailer for the show's third season teases another moment involving sex with a woman while staring into the eyes of a cephalopod in a fish tank. Are things getting weirder for the supe when The Boys returns this June?

"I can't give too much away," Crawford told EW during interviews with the cast at this year's SXSW festival out of Austin in March. He did confirm, however, "It's weird" — so much so that he wondered if he would ever work again after the things that go down in season 3.

Jensen Ackles, who joins the cast as the Captain America-esque supe Soldier Boy, cited a text message he received from Crawford.

"I remember reading that stuff [in the script] and you sent me a text message. And I have to go find it, but I think it was something like, 'I don't know how I'm gonna be able to work after this,' " Ackles said.

"I think I did send that," Crawford confirmed.

The Boys
Chace Crawford says things get "weird" for The Deep in 'The Boys' season 3
| Credit: Amazon Studios

Crawford's costars previewed more of the absurd shenanigans The Boys will get into when season 3 premieres on Amazon Prime Video this June 3.

Ackles referred to Soldier Boy, a supe from the era of World War II, as the "grandpa" coming on the scene. "It was odd being the new kid on the block but pretending to be the old guy who's been there the longest," the Supernatural veteran explained. "That was cool and interesting and unique, but it also brought an interesting dynamic with the other supes having grandpa show up, so to speak. And it definitely lends itself to some odd scenes and dialogue."

Karl Urban's Billy Butcher somehow, some way gets super powers in season 3, as revealed in the teaser trailer, including laser vision and super strength. Urban says that lends itself to a fundamental question at the heart of the show.

"That's the dilemma: does Butcher become a superhero or a super villain?" he posed. "In order to defeat the monster, do you become the monster? And I think that's one of the cool things about this season is every character is faced with that choice. How far are they willing to go? What line are they willing to cross in order to achieve what they want to achieve? For all the characters on the show, it creates a conflict and it's fun to see who actually ends up on whose side."

The Boys
'The Boys' season 3 poster teases super powers for Karl Urban's Billy Butcher.
| Credit: Amazon Prime Video

Karen Fukuhara, meanwhile, says viewers are getting "a full-on musical moment" after the teaser showed Kimiko dancing with Tomer Capon's Frenchie. "Ladies and gentlemen, get ready," Fukuhara said. "I never thought I would be able to do something like that, even in my acting career. I was so lucky to be able to do it on this show. And it's so unexpected for especially my character. Yeah, I'm really excited for people to see it."

On the other end of the spectrum, season 3 is "a deep dive into trauma and what makes us tick as people" for Laz Alonso's Mother's Milk. At the end of season 2, MM gets everything he wanted: he's back at home with his wife and daughter. But something, ultimately, will pull him back to the Boys.

"Why does he do this and can it be undone?" Alonso asked. "What I love about it, too," he added, "is it really challenges our relationships because Mother's Milk, who is usually the voice of reason and tries to hold a mirror up to Butcher, in many ways, that mirror was held back [at him] this season."

Watch the full interview above to get more teases for The Boys season 3.

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