Todd Bridges saved himself from eviction on Monday's Celebrity Big Brother when he won the Veto competition and took himself off the block. But the safety lasted for only an hour. Due to the announcement that the episode was a surprise double elimination, Todd was put right back on the block after Miesha Tate won the night's second Head of Household, and after Miesha then prevailed again for the Veto, Todd's fate was sealed.

How does Todd feel about his ouster? How does he think he would have done had he made it to the end? And what's with him and outer space? We asked the fourth-place finisher all that and more when we caught up with the Diff'rent Strokes star the morning after his elimination, and suffice it to say his attitude towards Todrick Hall has changed considerably in the 11 hours since he left the house. (Also read our exit interview with Lamar Odom.)

Todd Bridges on 'Celebrity Big Brother'
| Credit: CBS

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You were up 2-0 in the movie poster Head of Household competition. What happened?

TODD BRIDGES: Man, just got too carried away, got excited, and hit the wrong buttons. You know, didn't wait. So I should have waited. I didn't wait, hit the wrong buttons.

I was kind of obsessed with your reactions during competitions. If you were doing well, you were hooting and hollering, or you were providing running commentary if things weren't going well. Were you just in the zone?

Yeah, when I was doing well, I'm always in that zone trying to get there and trying to make sure that I can win that. But tonight was the most I had to win and I blew it. But, you know, that's how it lays. All you can do is do the best you can, and that outcome is what it's gonna be.

When you did not win that last veto did you know you were done?

Oh yeah, I knew they were gonna go after me. I knew that Todrick and Miesha were really worried about me because I came on. I waited, I waited, and waited and then I started coming on really strong, and that made them really nervous. And what I didn't know though, was that Todrick had made a side deal with Miesha. I didn't know that. If I would've known that from the very beginning, I would've not have let go of Carson. I would've kept Carson and teamed up with Carson and Cynthia and whoever else was there. And Lamar was there, and we could have taken them out. We had to split that pair up and I knew it, but I found out too late.

When did you realize that Miesha and Todrick were an unbreakable final 2?

It didn't really hit me because they were playing me the whole time, you know? They were both playing me really well. The thing that I'm most proud of is that I played the game fairly and I didn't play deceiving and evil like that. I played a good game, so I'm very proud that I played a good game. But I didn't realize until it was too late that Todrick was playing a very deceptive kind of an evil game, you know? And he won, but my thing is I won because I played the right way. And I've been reading stuff on Twitter. Big Brother fans are very happy the way I played it. I didn't play it evilly, but that's how the cookie bounces. You can't always beat evil when you're playing the good way, but in the end, you win because you did it well. So we played it right.

You've only been out of the house for 11 hours. We saw you tell Todrick he had played the best game in the house. Tell me what you've sort of seen or heard since then, and has that changed your opinion?

Oh my God. Reading the stuff and watching what he said to me after I left? Yeah, that completely changed my opinion. He didn't play a very good game. He played a very mean game, a mean-spirited game. And, unfortunately, me and Carson got caught up in it with him. We believed what he was saying, but it just wasn't true. The things he said about Shanna, wasn't true. It was pushed to the limit, cause my thing is I don't wanna win that bad if I gotta do something like that. And so I'm very proud of the way I played it. And even I saw Miseha say some things tonight when I was watching it, and that's just, "Wow, man!" When you get out, you see this stuff, it really hurts your feelings in ways. But the thing about it is, I know it's a game and people are trying to win, but I just don't feel I need to win at any cost. I just can't do that.

Todd Bridges on 'Celebrity Big Brother'
| Credit: CBS

I remember watching the first part of the season and it just looked like you were just kind of sleeping a lot, but then Shanna said that you were actually playing really well and pretending to not really be involved.

Yeah, part of my strategy was act like I was sleeping and listening to what they were saying. So they felt safe to talk around me. I think that Todrick was very careful in what he said until he got away from me, you know? And when you rewatch it and you watch some things, you're like, "Wow, man, I never knew he was saying those kinds of things about me." And with Todrick, you had to watch what you say because the very simple fact that, you know, he's an African American and he is also gay. So you have to watch what you say because you don't wanna offend everyone out there by saying something mean or snotty. But I think Todrick's gonna feel what he said when he gets out. He's gonna feel what happened, you know? And I think it's gonna hurt him.

How do you think you would have done had you made it to the end in terms of getting votes to win?

I think that if I would've got there and I was faced against Miesha or Todrick, I think I could have won. But I think they both know that and that's why they had to get rid of me because I had less enemies than they did. I know I had less enemies than they did, especially Todrick. And I think Miesha, she knows that too. She knows she has less enemies than Todrick. And that's why if she gets there, she'll try to pull 'em up. I think everyone knew that they pulled Cynthia up, but then you're gonna lose. I think Cynthia had more friends than enemies in there.

Let's talk about Cynthia because the two of you had a big blow-up earlier in the season. How were you both able to put that behind you?

Well, I think that Cynthia realized that I couldn't tell her what was going on. I was trying not to say anything. If you saw us make-up, I was telling Cynthia I couldn't say anything because people were in the room that were on weren't on our side. So I couldn't say anything. I was always gonna vote for her, but she didn't know that. But it was funny because this is what didn't make any sense: She gave her word to someone, and I gave my word. So why didn't she, you know, be okay with the word that I gave, you know what I mean?

So it was okay for her to keep her word, but it's not okay for me to keep my word? That's an oxymoron. Like I said, people take things the wrong way. It was nice that she apologized and all that. We talked about it and then she realized she made a big mistake. And I'm okay with that. You know, I forgive very quickly. That's what I'm supposed to do.

Lamar told Julie when he left the house that he had asked you to be his sober coach. What can you tell me about making such an important connection with him over that?

We're in this program, you learn that there's certain things you can do and certain things you can't do. And there's things you have to stay away from. That can be dangerous points for you as a person and as a person in this program. Lamar's a very good guy. He just needs somebody to guide him through these steps of recovery. It is not easy, the dos and don't, and I think what really got to Lamar was when I told him, I said, "Man, you can't say mean comments like that. You gotta really learn not to say that."

I think that I got to him cause I talked to like a real human being. But also, we have a lot in common too, except mine was just a lot longer ago. But I'm just glad that I talked with him cause I've always wanted to meet Lamar. I've always said that I wanted to meet Lamar Odom so maybe I can help him through his struggles. And I'm glad that I'm gonna be in his life and, and we're gonna get through a lot of stuff. And it's good for both of us. That how it works. The more you give, the better you can receive. So I'm happy with that.

You think you can bring him to outer space with you?

Hey, if they want to take me up there, I'm going. They don't want to go. They're too afraid to go, but I would be willing to go.

Finally, is there anything about the game or the experience you wish you could go back and change?

When they convinced me to put Carson up, I should have put Miesha and Todrick up. I should have done that because I had the numbers to get one of them out. If I would've split up that couple, it would've changed things. I always knew the most important person to get out was Todrick. I knew something was wrong, but I just couldn't pinpoint it. So I didn't wanna make a rash judgment, but I let them convince me of stuff that I shouldn't let them convince me of.

But that's what happens when you're in there. You have no communication outside, no communication period. So all you can trust is what's in there. But like I said, Todrick played a very deceiving cutthroat, mean game. Hey, he won, but did he really win? That's the question. That's what you always gotta remember. I've been reading all these things. There are a lot of people that are not very happy with the way he played the game and that's gonna hurt him in the long run. I'm happy I played it right.

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