The host answers EW's questions about the premiere, including the first Head of Household.

Each week host Julie Chen Moonves will answer a few questions about the events in the Celebrity Big Brother house. Here, she weighs in on the big premiere, including the first Head of Household, a mystery twist, and a possible power alliance.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Whom do you think made the best first impression in the house?

JULIE CHEN MOONVES: Two-way tie between Carson [Kressley] and Todrick [Hall], with Cynthia [Bailey] close behind.

Looks like we may have our first power group in the house as Carson has previously worked with Todrick, Shanna [Moakler], and Cynthia and they talked about forming the "Girls and Gays" alliance. Do you think that alliance will become a real thing and do you think it will hold?

It feels solid to me. But it's early. But if I had to put money on it, I'd say it will stick. They are all either super smart or super smart at this game, or both. It's good.

BIG BROTHER: Celebrity Edition
Julie Chen Moonves on 'Celebrity Big Brother'
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What do you make of Todd Bridges' decision to volunteer as the Head of Household competition MC, meaning he had no chance to win HOH and secure his safety?

Bold, kind, confident and smart move. That was a real leap of faith and also shows how at ease he is. He knows who he is and he is good with it. I applaud him. No one is asking him…whachuthinkin' Willis? At least not the Chenbot! 

Miesha [Tate] becomes the first Head of Household, but during the competition she promised safety to Todrick but NOT to Teddi [Mellencamp]. What do you make of that?

That says watch out for Miesha people! She is here to win it and she's showing her wisdom in how to navigate this game. Bravo!

Okay, Julie. What kind of tease or hint can you give us when it comes to this mystery Gala Gift?

The only hint or tease I can reveal is after I reveal it you'll be saying Whachutalkin'bout Julie?!?! It's crazy. I have stomach cramps thinking about it. Makes me very, very nervous for ALL OF THEM. That's all I will say!

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