By Rachel Yang
May 28, 2020 at 02:17 AM EDT
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Catherine O'Hara isn't just positively bedeviled by meetings, she's also got too many awards to count. The Schitt's Creek star added to her collection on Wednesday night, when she accepted her Canadian Screen Award for Best Actress, Comedy, for the fifth year running. And of course, the comedy icon gave a speech that Moira Rose would admire.

O'Hara's speech, recorded from her home, started off like any other, with the actress thanking the Canadian Screen Academy members.

"I hope you and your families are well, and enjoying the great indoors. I feel like one very lucky lady to have worked on Schitt's Creek," she began — before an invisible orchestra cut her off.

"What the fu-hell?" O'Hara said, acting bewildered. But the show must go on, and Moira — er, Catherine, is a true artiste.

During the funny bit, she tried to speak over the music and thank her costars Eugene Levy, Dan Levy, and other "dreamy castmates," but eventually she gave up and started shrieking along to the music. It was a sight to behold.

"No one does acceptance speeches like Catherine O'Hara," the Schitt's Creek official account tweeted. Social media agreed, with one fan giving her speech a "10/10."

"You made us laugh in dark times. Art and flowers," the user tweeted. Another wrote, "I couldn't possibly love her more."

It was a great way to end her fifth time winning in the category for Schitt's Creek, as the beloved Canadian comedy ended this April after six seasons. The series, which followed a disgraced family's comeback journey, started as a cult favorite before becoming a breakout hit through critical acclaim and word of mouth.

"The great thing about these characters and where we leave them is that we don't know as an audience what's going to happen to them, but we know it's going to be fine," co-creator Dan Levy said about the finale during the EW On Set podcast. "When I leave a show, I want to think about what's going on and the lives that they're going to lead, and leave some things unsaid so that it doesn't feel final. It feels like now's the time that we get to go away from experiencing this, but they're going to keep living."

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