Caitlyn Jenner dodges strays from comedian Bert Kreischer in an exclusive clip of Netflix's new docu-series The Cabin With Bert Kreischer.


Bert Kreischer needs a break, so the veteran comic is dragging his celebrity friends away from their privilege and into the wilderness in his new documentary series The Cabin With Bert Kreischer. 

Don't worry, this isn't the next Saw.

Each of the five episodes in the season attempt to show Kreischer learning to bond with the outdoors as he humbles himself and his buddies. Caitlyn Jenner and comedian Nikki Glaser show up in episode 2 shooting bows and arrows, and in an EW exclusive clip from the episode, they also try their hand at lassoing a log. All while trying to avoid spilling all the celebrity goss at once.

"Do you ever ask your daughters if you could borrow money?" Kreischer poses to Jenner in the clip above. "No. I have 10 children, and not one child has asked me for a dime," Jenner says.

Jenner gets another opportunity to burst the tea gates open on the Kardashian family when Glaser and Jenner begin brainstorming a social media campaign for Dream Catchers. Seriously. "In my family, I'm nobody when it comes to Instagram," Jenner says.

"No s—!," Kreischer adds while tripping on his lasso.

The expansive Airbnb guestbook for The Cabin also includes Anthony Anderson, Big Jay Oakerson, Bobby Lee, Deon Cole, Donnell Rawlings, Fortune Feimster, Gabriel Iglesias, Joel McHale, Joey Diaz, Kaley Cuoco, Nikki Glaser, Tom Segura, and more.

Watch the exclusive clip above, and catch The Cabin With Bert Kreischer starting Tuesday, October 13 on Netflix.