Everyone's favorite wabbit is back!

Bugs Bunny is reuniting with his cartoon friends Tweety Bird, Porky Pig, Daffy Duck, and more in HBO Max's Looney Tunes Cartoons series launching on May 27.  Not only will Bugs (voiced by Eric Bauza) reunite with his longtime buddies, but also adversaries like Yosemite Sam (Fred Tatasciore).

And fans won't have to wait until the subscription service's official launch to see what Bugs and his pals have been up to. EW has an exclusive clip from a special preview short dropping on HBO Max's YouTube page on Tuesday that shows Bugs working extra hard on his dad bod by eating junk food like popcorn and cotton candy and spending the day at an amusement park.

"Games, prizes, foods high in saturated fat — this place isn't kidding around," Bugs, who will celebrate his 80th birthday in July, says as he arrives at the park in the teaser. "I am amused!"

His happiness will, unfortunately, be shortlived. Yosemite Sam lurks not too far away and his feelings for Bugs have not changed throughout the years. A ride called the Murderizer catches the rabbit's eye, causing him to drop all his booty in exchange for a seat. But Yosemite Sam, who is in charge of the roller coaster, stops him dead in his tracks. He points in the direction of a long list of don'ts for anyone wanting a turn that includes the words "No Rabbits." Yosemite Sam swiftly kicks Bugs in his fluffy butt launching him clear across the park.

Fans can expect 80 11-minute episodes from the Warner Bros. Animation series each comprised of animated shorts that vary in length, including holiday-themed specials.

The original Looney Tunes cartoon series and its sister show Merrie Melodies were produced from 1930-1969 by Warner Bros. The characters' popularity inspired a multitude of spin-off television series' and feature films. Bugs Bunny and friends are set to join basketball star LeBron James in Space Jam: A New Legacy in 2021, a follow-up to the Michael Jordan-led Space Jam in 1996.

Watch the full teaser above, and watch the full cartoon short tomorrow on HBO Max's YouTube page.

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