Think you have the best Halloween decorations on the planet? Think again, because Alyson Hannigan has you beat. The host of Outrageous Pumpkins on Food Network revealed her secret when she called into EW Live (SiriusXM, channel 109), and it goes back to her breakout role on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which turns out to be the gift that keeps on giving year after year. It seems the woman who played shy student turned super witch Willow Rosenberg managed to conjure up some sort of spell that enabled her to obtain all manner of spooky props from the set of the cult classic TV series.

“I got a lot of stuff from Buffy,” reveals Hannigan. “I have a lot of the graveyard stuff. So that is a lot of my Halloween decorations. I have a lot of Buffy props that help decorate our house for Halloween, which is very cool because our graveyard is real spooky. It’s pretty awesome.”

That’s right, so if you happen to walk by Hannigan’s house this Halloween season, you may some familiar items in her front yard. “We’ve got all the tombstones that were on our little fake Buffy graveyard,” she reveals. “It’s fun. It’s really nice.”

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While the items are a treasure trove for any Buffy fan, Hannigan does admit some of them have seen better days. “I have to say, some of it is getting real old. They gave me the skeletons that they would actually have in the Master’s lair and stuff, and they look really authentic. But boy, are they crumbly now. We have to be super, super careful about bringing them out. They’re over 20 years old now!”

Yes, you read that correctly: SHE HAS THE MASTER’S SKELETONS!!!

While Hannigan scored some priceless objects from her time on the show, her memory tends to be a bit hazy on some of the episodes themselves, especially the three Halloween installments, only one of which — season 2’s “Halloween” (in which the characters all turned into the costumed entities they were playing dress-up as) — Hannigan actually recalls. “That one I do remember,” says the star. “That is the only one I still truly have memories on, probably because it was very early in the filming process and everything in the later seasons just kind of blends into one kind of montage memory.”

Hannigan has another good reason for not immediately being able to pick out the two other Buffy Halloween episodes: “The show just always felt a lot like Halloween, because we always had scary monsters and graveyards and stuff.” And now Hannigan has the graveyard all to herself.

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