After a slow start to my binge with Buffy's not-so-great first season, I'm happy to report that season 2 hooked me. Hard. It's as if all the puzzle pieces started to fall into place. The gang worked together better than ever (usually to save Cordelia because let's be real, it's always Cordelia). The monster-of-the-week episodes became more and more creative. (I'm talking about that super fun Halloween episode where everyone became their costumes.) And Buffy and Angel's story helped create a season-long arc that gave us some of the show's best dramatic moments thus far.

But before we get to the great moments, I'd like to share a direct quote from my notes about Buffy and Angel's first time: "She f--ked the good out of him?!?!" The answer, it turns out, was yes. And guys. WHAT A TWIST. I'm not gonna lie, it's weird. Imagine being in the writers' room when someone pitched, "Let's never let them have sex, because if Angel orgasms, he'll lose his soul." It seems ... extreme. BUT, what I will say, is that it ultimately led to the moment that made this season great, in my opinion. And that's the moment when Angel killed Jenny.

As much as I hated that moment for Giles — I actually wrote "let Giles be happy!" in my notes — that's what made it so impactful. But it was more than just impactful. For me, it was the moment the show clicked into place. Because up until that moment, I'd been told that vampires were a threat. Obviously they're a threat if there's a need for a slayer, but I hadn't felt that threat. Don't talk to me about Buffy "dying" in the season 1 finale, because no one believed that moment. Up until Angel, a vampire we'd rooted for, killed a character we knew and loved, vampires being a threat had been all talk. That was the moment I not only started to believe it, but I started to feel it.

Similarly, Buffy putting her feelings aside and killing the man she loved in the finale after working so hard to get him back, felt like I was watching her accept her fate as the slayer. For so long, she pushed back against not getting to have a normal life, but, for that moment at least, she embraced her fate, no matter the cost, and proved what kind of hero she could be. (That was also the moment my tear ducts died.)

Long story short, season 2 worked. And I'm happy that I've finally met this famous Spike guy. He's snarky! He's evil! But his love for Drusilla really sucks. Speaking of which, I've got some superlatives for you.

Best wardrobe change: Angel ditches his black jacket for a beige one because he's APPROACHABLE.

Least valuable player/Most annoying player: Drusilla. Why couldn't Angel have killed her too?!

Episode I'd least like to live inside: The one with that creepy-crawly thing!! I discovered a spider in my apartment after watching it, and I swear it was Buffy's fault.

Favorite episode: Clearly, it's "Passions," though the finale was a close second. But I have to pick the episode where the show took things to the next level, I just have to!

Okay, now I gotta go find out how Angel's getting out of hell.

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