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Baby Yoda permeated our shared cultural consciousness so quickly and pervasively that it's easy to forget he was one of the most closely guarded secrets in TV history. Disney took great lengths to keep the character under wraps until The Mandalorian premiered, including not producing any merch ahead of time. But there was one potentially dangerous source of leaks on set: kids.

"The thing that was terrifying was the notion of having children on a set, and what was gonna happen with kids seeing Baby," Bryce Dallas Howard, who directed an episode of the Disney+ series, says on PeopleTV's Couch Surfing. Knowing the need to keep the secret, Howard took steps to prevent the kids who acted in the episode — including her own son and daughter — from spilling the beans.

"All the kids that were on set, I had conversations with each one of them, just about keeping Baby a secret," she says. "And they were all just so great. But my kids, every single day when they were going back to school, before school, I would say, 'Who do we not talk about today?' And they would be like, 'Baby!'

"It was amazing to get to see my kids on a Star Wars set, just having the time of their life," she adds.

Howard also directed an episode of The Mandalorian's second season, which is expected to debut on Disney+ in October with a whole new bounty of secrets to unveil. Check out the clip above for more from Howard.

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