"A mensch among mensches."

Bob Saget may best be remembered as "America's dad" Danny Tanner from the hit sitcom Full House, but the late comedian, who died Jan. 9 at 65, was also known as the soothing narrator of How I Met Your Mother, a role he held for nine seasons.

Saget voiced the older Ted Mosby, whose younger self was played by Josh Radnor on the long-running CBS comedy. Among the many reactions that poured in following the news of Saget's death, his How I Met Your Mother costars were among them, with Radnor penning a long Twitter thread in tribute to his "older, wiser me."

Calling Saget the "kindest, loveliest, funniest, most supportive man" and "a mensch among mensches," Radnor recalled how he had imposter syndrome when he joined the show and how when he'd run into Saget on the Fox lot, Saget would always talk up his performance.

"This man that I'd delighted in seeing on TV for years cheering me on, letting me know I had a right to be there and playing that character... I can't overstate how meaningful his words were," Radnor tweeted, going on to say that their bond continued well past the show's finale, with the two always finding time to catch up.

"I'm endlessly grateful that HIMYM brought Bob Saget into my life. I'll hear his voice in my head for the rest of my days," Radnor concluded, sharing a photo of the two actors.

The cast of 'How I Met Your Mother'
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Neil Patrick Harris, who played Barney Stinson on the series, tweeted he was "absolutely stunned" to hear about Saget's death. "He was always so kind and generous and hilarious," Harris wrote. "Gone too soon."

Co-star Alyson Hannigan remembered Saget as the warm father he was to so many fans, tweeting a story about babysitting his daughter years ago.

"I was 15 & couldn't get her to sleep/stop crying," wrote Hannigan. "Bob came home, took her in his arms, played a Tracy Chapman song & danced with her until she fell asleep. He was a wonderful Dad and human."

Craig Thomas, co-creator of How I Met Your Mother, also wrote a long tribute to his friend, tweeting that he was "so lucky to work with someone so funny, soulful, and kind."

"We cast Bob because there is something so gentle and knowing and comforting in his voice, and that combined with the quickness of his wit is just a rare form of beauty," Thomas wrote, crediting Saget's involvement in helping the show, when it first aired, find legitimacy in the industry.

How I Met Your Mother co-creator Carter Bays also remembered his friend, tweeting, "There was simply no better guy. He was the best. Sending love to the many, many, many people who are heartbroken right now. I can't think of anyone whose memory will be more of a blessing."

Co-star Cobie Smulders shared a photo with Saget on Instagram, highlighting the charity work he often did in honor of his late sister and calling her friend "an incredibly kind and talented man" who "worked tirelessly to help others."

Writer George Sloan tweeted a sweet story about meeting Saget for the first time as a Full House obsessed kid — and again years later while working on How I Met Your Mother. Sloan recalled how he visited the set of Full House when he was 9, though he was too young to be in the audience taping. Upon realizing this, Saget vouched for him. When they reconnected years later, he told his now-colleague the story.

"I told Bob about the first time we met, back in 1991. A big smile crossed his face. Once again, he was kind and gracious and took absolute delight in knowing he had made a 9-year-old's dream come true," Sloan remembered. "You were a good man, Bob. Rest in peace."

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