Blue is teaching kids about LGBTQ Pride.

Blue of Blue's Clues & You said "LGBTQ rights!" In her own way.

The animated kids show, a successor to the popular Blue's Clues on Nick Jr., is gaining a lot of attention this week for a new alphabet song it released online on Thursday.

In the video, Blue (voiced by Traci Paige Johnson) wants to sing a song about all 26 letters of the alphabet, and viewers at home are paying attention to the entry for letter "P."

"P is full of Pride," as the song goes. The letter is accompanied not just by a rainbow letter "P," representing the colors of the LGBTQ pride flag, but it's surrounded by multiple other flags representing specific communities. Those include flags for the trans community, asexual community, pansexual community, intersex community, gender-fluid community, and more.

A rep for Nickelodeon confirmed to EW that "ABC Song w/ Blue!" is exclusive to the show's official YouTube channel and hasn't aired on television.

The inclusion is already resonating online, with many on Twitter showing their support and love for the moment.

Broadway actor Joshua Dela Cruz stars as the host of Blue's Clues & You, succeeding original Blue's Clues host Steve Burns.

Nickelodeon, as a network, voiced support for the LGBTQ community in the past. Last year, Nick Jr. shared a lesson over its social media platforms so kids could understand the meaning of the LGBTQ flag.

Nickelodeon proper also shared a tweet that caught attention as it appeared to confirm SpongeBob SquarePants to be a member of the LGBTQ community with Korra from The Legend of Korra and Schwoz Schwartz from Henry Danger.

Watch the "ABC Song" in the video above.

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