The final season of Blindspot is off to a painful start.

This post contains spoilers about the season 5 premiere of Blindspot.

Blindspot is a man down!

The wait is over and now we know who did and didn't survive the drone attack that ended season 4 on a huge cliffhanger. The action picks up a few months after the drone attack, but flashbacks revealed that Agent Edgar Reade (Rob Brown) died to ensure Tasha Zapata (Audrey Esparza) survived the explosion.

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"A lot of reasoning went into why it be needed to be Reade," Blindspot creator Martin Gero explains. "As we sat down and started to see what it did to the show and what happens with the storytelling afterward, it, unfortunately, couldn't be anyone else." While Reade is definitely dead, the premiere is not the last time viewers will see the character. As Gero teases, "I'm so happy that he's able to play a larger part than you'll expect in the last season."

EW spoke to Blindspot star Jaimie Alexander about losing Reade, what playing Jane has meant to her, and more about what's next in the final season.

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Can you share what it was like when the cast learned what was going to happen to Reade?

JAIMIE ALEXANDER: We knew somebody was going to have to die in the storyline, but we didn't know who it was going to be. When we were told, we were all a bit devastated but understood why it was necessary. It's an incredible storyline, though, that sort of ebbs and flows throughout the entire season.

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How does the tension, whether it is a holdover from last season or because of the loss of Reade, impact how the team operates moving forward?

Well, there's a certain amount of grace that needed to be acquired between the characters experiencing a devastating loss. Each person deals with it in a different way. The team has definitely become a family unit, and within that, you're going to have different opinions and different perspectives.

It's a really cool journey to see how each one of them individually comes together and brings certain strengths to these heavy situations, especially the death of Reade.

How do you think Jane will handle utilizing her Sandstorm memories and being the de facto leader for this last mission?

One of the greatest things about Jane is that she always tries to do the right thing. She tries to operate from a place of selflessness, and because she has both memories, both personalities, if you want to call it that, she's going to use it for the team's benefit. Remi would do the opposite. Remi would use it to her advantage, but Jane really uses it to the team's advantage. She tries to do the best she can while struggling with this inner duality that she's experiencing.

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How does this season, in addition to gearing up towards the end, compare to the others from your perspective?

I think that the whole tone of the show changed in season three, especially in season four. We took a less violent approach to the episodes and made them a little bit more humorous, lighter.

But this season, we were given 11 episodes to wrap up this entire Blindspot journey. We were able to pack each episode with more than we would have in the past, having to spread it over 22 or 23 episodes. The tone is definitely different this season. We're not at the FBI anymore. We're not in a conference room or a lab. It's a really interesting season because we get to dig even deeper into each character's storyline rather than just the procedural aspect of the series.

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The team clearing their names is the driving force, but for the fans that followed Jane and Weller through some really outstanding obstacles, are there moments between the couples they can look forward to?

I will say there are going to be plenty of Jeller moments this season, often brought on by an extraordinary situation.

There are going to be some extremely heavy moments this season, especially the finale. It'll be something that no one could have guessed. When I heard what it was, I couldn't believe it, and it will be an incredible Jeller moment.

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In hindsight, what stands out to you about your time playing Jane?

For me personally, I was able to learn what I'm made of playing this character and all the variations of the character.

Saying goodbye to that character and those sets and the crew, it was a difficult departure for me because it was something I had grown so used to. I have taken so many valuable lessons with me from playing Jane, and I will always have a special place in my heart, I put a lot of my own self into that character.

Is there anything else you can tease about what's to come this season?

Lots of fans' favorites make guest appearances this season. A lot of people will reappear that you would not expect, but that you will be very happy about.

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