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Blindspot - Season 3

Jane and the rest of the team are in a pretty gnarly spot when Blindspot returns.

When the fifth and final season kicks off Thursday, they're branded criminals who are hunted by authorities from across the globe led by a very mighty Madeline. “Suddenly Madeleine is in a position of extreme power and is able to bring the full power and breadth of the FBI, American law enforcement and international law enforcement towards them,” show creator Martin Gero explains.

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Fortunately for them, Madeline isn’t the only person left back in New York at the FBI office. Director Weitz is still around and becomes a "vitally important character and ally" to the team. Alongside Afreen, he will try to work from the inside and help when possible, which you can see in the exclusive clip from the season premiere above.

Still, in the face of all the resources, Weller and the team will have less to work with than they are used to it. They don’t have the safety and support their badges bring, possibly entering countries where guns are illegal while on missions, and they don’t have Patterson’s high-tech lab. When a code needs to be broken, it could actually take Patterson days to crack without her supercomputer. There is no quick fix to get them back into the FBI, Gero assures us that this mission to clear their names will take Blindspot to its series finale.

Blindspot - Season 4
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On a personal note, lies, secrets, and tension resulted in a blow-up for the team during last season’s finale. Even though the mission to clear their names and take down Madeline forces them into a truce out of necessity, those problems don’t just disappear. “Those issues are still very much there,” Gero says, “So, some of the interpersonal things definitely start to resurface.”

“In a lot of ways, this is the closest the surviving members of the team have ever been because they are so isolated,” he shares, “this is the most united the team has been for five seasons.” They have to work together to survive on the run and each other’s support to clear their names.

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With a mix of twists ranging Jane getting her Remi memories back to Roman putting a whole set of new tattoos on Jane, Blindspot has reinvented itself to so degree each season. “It's a show that needs endings. Every season we've tried to treat it as a separate novel in a series of books,” Gero explains, “This is the most fundamentally different one. The types of mission changes, they are not always going after tattoo cases, although tattoos do play a significant part.”

The shorter season allows Blindspot to elevate the drama. “The stakes are so high for them personally in every episode,” Gero says, “We lean into the benefit of having fewer episodes so that we can burn story quicker.”

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It’s also a chance for the Blindspot team to take chances and really check things off their bucket list. There will be a slew of returning guest stars (“virtually every guest star that we loved,” according to Gero) and big swings, like killing off characters that wouldn’t make sense if the show wasn’t ending. “It’s a very dramatic season with a lot of highs and lows, but we still maintain our incredible sense of fun.”

This adventure gears up to what is being described as a fantastic and shocking finale. “I'm dying to see what people think of this last episode, we do something really incredible that that took a year to pull off,” Gero teases, “To be honest, and I'm just so thrilled that we that we did it.”

The final season of Blindspot airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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