A disheartened Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams) declared, "Black Lightning's dead" at the beginning of Black Lightning's fourth and final season. In hindsight, those words were almost prophetic — emphasis on almost (thank God).

EW is debuting an exclusive extended trailer for the CW superhero drama's series finale, which airs next Monday. Picking up after the events of last night's episode, the Pierce family firmly believes that supervillain Tobias Whale (Marvin Jones III) successfully murdered their patriarch and the show's titular hero. However, powers or no powers, that won't stop them from fighting back against Tobias, the city's evil new mayor intent on squashing all metahumans.

"Let's fight now, mourn later," Peter Gamby (James Remar) tells the rest of the team, as a flurry of shots from his and Thunder/Anissa's (Nafessa Williams) explosive confrontation with Tobias' forces fly by. Will they be able to destroy the emitter dampening every metahumans powers in time?

Thankfully, we know Jefferson is down and out yet. While his family continues to battle, Jefferson is buried alive. "To accomplish what you've never done, you need to use what you never have," Jefferson's father tells him. And somehow, he recharges, rises, and flies off to battle Tobias one last time in the final moments of the trailer.

"Cress and I — I don't think we're going to leave anyone disappointed," Jones recently told EW about Black Lightning and Tobias' final brawl. "Working with Cress has always been a joy and a pleasure. We didn't get to dance a lot over the last four years, but we did have some little monumental battles."

Watch the trailer above.

Black Lightning airs Monday at 9 p.m.

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