By Marcus Jones
April 30, 2020 at 10:00 AM EDT

Black-ish patriarch Andre Johnson just witnessed a sight he will never be able to unsee.

In the exclusive clip of the black-ish season 6 finale, airing next Tuesday, the family man played by Anthony Anderson walks in on his mom getting it on.

Letting out a guttural wail, Dre finds the situation to only be so much worse when it turns out his mother Ruby's bedroom companion is none other than his father, Pops. What once might have been a dream of his parents getting back together is now a total nightmare for Dre.

Now a child walking in on their parents is long-tread territory in sitcoms, but the difference here is that from the beginning of the series Laurence Fishburne and Jenifer Lewis's characters have always been cordial, but estranged.

Both have seen quite a few love interests come and go through the past six seasons of black-ish, with Pops just having gotten engaged and broke up with this season by the delightful Lynette (played by Loretta Devine).

Throughout the show, Dre has mentioned issues that came with his parents splitting up, but he may not be as eager for them to get back together as he once was.

Are Pops and Ruby giving one more go at things, or will they remind each other again of the rage they brought out in each other, leading Ruby to burn down her Pops' boat?

The season 6 finale of black-ish airs Tuesday, May 5 at 9:30 p.m. ET. Watch the exclusive clip of the upcoming episode above.

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