“Is there a Taco Bell, sir?”

Before undergoing a recent MRI exam, actor Billy Crystal did some self-medicating — but the result was a little more intense than he expected.

While visiting The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the SNL alum revealed how, due to working out a lot, he recently experienced a health scare after feeling pain in his right hip. Not wanting to join the "yeah I got a new hip club," he went to get it checked out and the doctor recommended putting him in an MRI tube. There was just one small issue with that: Crystal is extremely claustrophobic.

"Nothing is good about this," Crystal said about the experience of being put in the machine, having dye shot into his hip, and being put in a hospital gown "with your ass hanging out in the back." To make his experience a little more bearable, the actor told Fallon that he visited a cannabis shop and took four edible gummies prior to his appointment.

Billy Crystal on the Tonight Show
Billy Crystal on the Tonight Show
| Credit: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

"The guy at the cannabis place said — because there's a section for seniors — 'two will make you feel good.' So I said, 'I really want to feel fabulous,'" Crystal explained. Roughly half an hour into the procedure, he began to experience one of the consequences of getting high — he got really hungry.

Using the instrument to signal he needed some assistance, he asked the doctor if he had any Taco Bell. Forty minutes in, he once again pressed the button and asked the doctor if they thought Postmates would deliver: "I'm thinking gumbo or Nutella french toast. Something like that."

Eventually, he fell asleep and after the procedure was over, he walked out of the hospital — but there was a slight mishap.

"They take me out and I walk out of the building and someone says, 'um, sir — you're still in your gown and your ass is hanging out,'" Crystal admitted. After going back inside to get dressed properly, he finally got his long-awaited Taco Bell in the form of a nacho fry box. (And don't worry — he was fine.)

And look, if anyone deserved a nacho fry box after sitting in an MRI machine, it's definitely Billy Crystal.

Watch the video below.

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