Welcome back to the rich world of Billions!

More than a year after COVID initially cut short the dynamic fifth season of the hit Showtime series, Billions returns Sept. 5 for the final five episodes — and the new trailer promises "that this is when the fun starts."

If you've forgotten — and it's been so long that we don't blame you — season 5 introduced Corey Stoll (House of Cards) as Michael Prince, a billionaire who looks through the perspective of an impact investor. He became an immediate rival of Axe (Damian Lewis) and thus an intriguing ally for Chuck (Paul Giamatti).

"The chance to take someone else's power for yourself, you can't deny that would feel good," says Chuck, in full sales mode. "Especially if that power was coming from Bobby Axelrod."

Credit: Jeff Neumann/SHOWTIME

"I think this show is so smart and the cast is so incredible," Stoll told EW last year ahead of his initial debut. "That's the thing that's been exciting to me from when it started. It feels like old home week when we do the table reads; it's full of these great New York actors, and so it feels comfortable to do it with this group of people, a lot of whom come from theater. It's been a very comfortable joining the cast in that sense. There were a couple opportunities to work on Billions through the years, and they didn't really work out, based on scheduling and, frankly, I was holding out for something a little bit more exciting in terms of the role. [Laughs] And I'm really glad that I did, because this guy Mike Prince is so much fun to play and I think he brings a lot to the whole ensemble.

To prepare for Billions' Sept. 5 return, read EW's recap of the June 2020 midseason finale.

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