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The beloved theme song to classic sitcom Gilligan's Island isn't so catchy anymore to a pair of rich neighbors in the middle of an escalating feud in a ritzy Southern California town. Billionaire investor Bill Gross has allegedly blasted the earworm at all hours to annoy the occupants of the mansion next door, in an attempt to get his neighbors to drop their complaint about an eyesore on Gross' property, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Those neighbors — tech entrepreneur Mark Towfiq and his wife Carol Nakahara — are now suing Gross and Gross' girlfriend, former tennis pro Amy Schwartz, claiming harassment and intentional infliction of emotional distress caused by Gross playing the Gilligan's Island theme song on repeat, along with other pop and rap tracks.

The two households' issues trace back to Towfiq and Nakahara's disdain for a $1 million lawn sculpture and its protective netting in Gross and Schwartz's backyard that is blocking the other couple's view. Gross claims the netting is temporary and had to be installed due to damage caused by an unknown vandal throwing a rock at his statue. Towfiq denies he played a role in the incident, but he reported the eyesore to the city, which found no permits for the sculpture nor its netting, and discovered that Gross failed to adhere to good neighbor lighting rules.

Gross and Schwartz preemptively sued Towfiq and Nakahara, accusing the couple of being obsessed with them and displaying what they called "peeping Tom" behaviors. Towfiq and Nakahara claim they installed cameras to record the nightly musical annoyance for proof, but Gross says the cameras have recorded him and Schwartz swimming nude or nearly nude in their pool.

Each couple has requested restraining orders against the other. They are required to stay 50 yards away from one another until an Oct. 30 hearing. 

So join us here for new updates, you're sure to get a smile. From your friends at EW, and these two neighbors full of bile.

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