The hottest hospital in New York is whatever one Stefon was in.

When Bill Hader reunited with his former Saturday Night Live costar Seth Meyers on Late Night, it was only right that the two speculate on how the pandemic is treating a character that was so important to both of them: Stefon, Weekend Update's go-to correspondent for the most bizarre and unbelievable clubs (and Meyers' husband).

"I don't know if he would notice," Hader said with a laugh, noting Stefon has a "natural mask" thanks to his habit of covering his mouth with his hands. "I think he was probably patient zero on some level and he's probably had it a couple times and now he's fine."

Saturday Night Live- Stefon
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While we know now how one of Hader's beloved characters is doing, we're still waiting to find out about another. It's been so long since Barry season 2 ended that the HBO dark comedy's last episode followed the Game of Thrones series finale back in May 2019. Hader told Meyers that they were one week away from beginning filming on season 3 in March when the COVID-19 lockdowns began.

"Season 3 is completely written and ready to go, and then during this time we actually went and wrote season 4, so we have both of those done," revealed Hader, who won two consecutive Emmys for his performance as a hitman-turned-actor-turned still a hitman. "We're just waiting until we can start shooting again."

Hader spoke to EW for the season 2 finale, which ended with Barry going on a killing spree in his attempt to track down his former mentor Fuches (Stephen Root).

"At the beginning of the season, I wanted the season to be bookended by Barry coming out of darkness and then retreating into darkness," explained Hader, who also directed and co-wrote the installment. "So in episode 1, when he comes out of the stage area, he's coming out of darkness and tries to get everyone together to do Front Page. And then at the end is him walking away into darkness and all of the lights going out. So he lives in the shadows and tried to come out into the light to live this virtuous life, and he just can't do it. When I watch that, it's this weird acceptance of who he is. The title of this episode could have been 'Fuches was Right.' Barry is a violent piece of sh—. Fuches was the one in episode 3 that's like, 'No one wants truth, they just want Braveheart,' and Sally's story proves that. The cynical character is right at the end of the season. And I actually believe him as well, so that sucks. [Laughs]."

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