Noam Dworman made the statement, though he previously allowed both Aziz Ansari and Louis C.K. to perform at the club in 2018.

Despite recently being released from prison, one famous New York comedy club owner is making it clear that Bill Cosby is not welcome.

Comedy Cellar in Greenwich Village, New York City, has hosted dozens of famous comedians over the years, including Jerry Seinfeld, Robin Williams and Chris Rock. But according to owner Noam Dworman, Cosby won't be joining that roster of iconic celebrities. Dworman told the New York Post that he wouldn't allow Cosby to perform because his audience wouldn't support it – despite the club being a place where uncomfortable humor is often a staple of its environment.

Although Dworman let both Aziz Ansari and Louis C.K. perform in 2018 after their sexual misconduct scandals came to light, he maintains that Cosby's accusations are much more serious and that the other two comedians weren't charged with crimes, according to the Post.

Bill Cosby Trial Continues After Defense Rests
Bill Cosby
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"Comparing Bill Cosby to these other guys is absurd," Dworman, who received death threats after allowing Louis C.K. to perform, told the Post. "I didn't want to talk about this to begin with. I just think these comparisons are ridiculous."

Representatives for Cosby didn't immediately respond to EW's request for comment, though Cosby rep Andrew Wyatt told TMZ, "That's one club owner and in the words of the King of R&B Bobby Brown, 'It's his prerogative to do what he wants to do.'"

Cosby was released from prison in June after being sentenced to 3 to 10 years after being convicted of sexual assault in 2018. He was officially discharged by order of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, which also vacated his conviction.

Since his release, Cosby has floated the idea of doing a comeback comedy tour, though few venues have shown interest in participating.

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