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Each week, host Julie Chen Moonves will answer a few questions about the latest activity in the Big Brother house. This week, she weighs in on Frenchie's exit, Britini's rapping skills, the new Head of Household, and more.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Frenchie went from winning his first two competitions in the house to out of the house almost just two weeks later. What went wrong?

 JULIE CHEN MOONVES: He was playing the game based on how he felt watching previous seasons from home instead of experiencing the house for what it is now. Frenchie has watched every season since we started and was only 12 when we premiered! As a super-fan, he always rooted for the underdogs and against the dominant alpha males. He told himself if he ever played, he'd protect the women and target those he considers meatheads. As a result, he made too many promises to too many people before he got to know them. He didn't deliver on all those promises and that made him an easy target once he lost power.  

Both votes so far have been close to unanimous. Is that a sign of players not wanting to make waves, or they're just being too obvious and easy targets so far?

I think it's a little bit of both. The fact that NONE of Travis's friends voted to keep him is definitely people not wanting to make waves. Yet, the two votes he got to stay (from Tiffany and Derek F) were two people he was not particularly close to and they voted as such to try and make waves. As for Frenchie, he was an easy target.  He made too many enemies as HOH and had too much blood on his hands.  

What do you make of Xavier becoming the new Head of Household and who should be his targets?

Honestly, I have no idea at this point because Frenchie was such a dominant figure in the house and many people hid behind him. Only now will we really get to know the others.  That said, I can see maybe Claire getting a nomination.  She strikes me as someone to watch out for.

Finally, what do you make of Britini's rapping skills?  

Her live show rap plea speech was awesome!  If all her raps were as good as that one, I'd say she could make a career out of it.  She could market herself similar to how Will Smith did, full of positivity! I love it, I am a fan.

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