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Each week, host Julie Chen Moonves will weigh in on the latest developments in the Big Brother house. Here, she shares her take on Derek X's eviction, the real power in the Cookout alliance, Derek F going for the cash instead of the Veto, and Xavier taking himself off the block… at a price. (Also make sure to read our exit interview with the eliminated Derek X.)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Derek X was taken out by a 5-2 vote. How would you assess his game in the Big Brother house this season?

JULIE CHEN MOONVES: His game was great. America likes him, his housemates like him, he's good at competitions, and he's made lifelong friends and a potential mate for life: Hannah! Sorry, couldn't resist. I love. Love!

We saw Tiffany (who just won Head of Household) and Xavier both trying to assert their influence this week on the Derek X or Claire vote. Which of them do you think has more long-term power in the Cookout alliance?

That's a tough one. On one hand, I'd say Xavier because no one in the Cookout has had any tension or issues with him. But they've got to realize at some point they need to evict him because he's really hard to beat in a final 2. As for Tiffany, don't count her out. She revealed to us on last night's live show that her prayers were answered when she won HOH. Don't underestimate the power of prayer. Prayer works. With God, all things are possible (Matthew 19:26).

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Xavier took himself off the block but took on three punishments to do so, including becoming a third nominee later in the game. Should he have just stayed put since there was little to no chance he was getting voted out this week, and now he has to go up later when he could be in more danger?

Hmm… I think he made the right move because he and the Cookout had to take their shot at Derek X while they had the chance… and this was their chance! Derek X was the biggest threat to Xavier's game. Think of Xavier in this case like Alexander Hamilton played by Lin-Manuel Miranda in Hamilton, singing, "I'm not throwing away my shot!"

What do you make of Derek F going for the $7,500 instead of playing for the Veto? A smart move to go for the money since he didn't need to win the Veto, or could players use that against him later?

I loved it. It was smart. Why not? In my humble opinion, Derek F can do no wrong in this game. I adore him and love his love for God and how he states it publicly. Think about it: He is beloved by his housemates and has the best social game. Many (if not all) of them have acknowledged that. He can charmingly and adorably talk his way out of it with his smile, heart, and personality if anyone tries to use it against him.

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