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Each week, host Julie Chen Moonves will weigh in on the latest developments in the Big Brother house. Here, she shares her take on the latest eviction, Derek X's power move, this week's punishments, and how she would spend her BB Bucks.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: First off, a moment of silence for Christian's time in the house. What was your take on his game?

JULIE CHEN MOONVES: He played with his heart and, in my opinion, he has a good one! He was great at competitions. He was also honest, trusting, and open. All are good qualities in life but not always good in the BB house, where, as Mike Boogie said in Season 14… you can bounce checks!

What do you think about Derek X's big move to backdoor Christian? 

He takes out a huge competitor, but also now has others gunning for him.I think it was exactly what this year's motto boils down to: no risk, no reward! He had to take this bold move. I applaud it from a game standpoint. 

How surprised were you that Sarah Beth begged Derek X to let her keep the $5000 at the Veto competition, and then he did!

I was not surprised to see her tug at his heartstrings and succeed in getting what she wants. I think she's a clever person who knows how to get what she wants. In addition, it was not surprising to me that Derek fell for it. I think he has a good heart and genuinely thought it was wrong to take the money from her, even if he was allowed to. 

If you had to endure one of this week's punishments — the Lord of the Latrine, the Duke of the Deck, or the Jackass of Clubs, which one would you choose and why?

Duke of the Deck for sure would be my pick. The costume is the best looking of the 3 and the task is the easiest/least time-consuming.

Based purely on game play so far, which Houseguest would be getting your BB Bucks for the High Rollers Room, Julie?

Based on purely game play, I would say it's a three way tie between Tiffany, Derek X, and Xavier.

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