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Each week, host Julie Chen Moonves will weigh in on the latest developments in the Big Brother house. Here, she shares her take on Britini's eviction, Sarah Beth's Head of Household win, the dominance of the Cookout alliance, and the best Otev ever! (Also make sure to read our exit interview with Britini D'Angelo.)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: The fourth time was not the charm for Britini, who was finally voted out. How would you assess her game and time in the house?

JULIE CHEN MOONVES: Most enthusiastic player ever, whose big heart got her to jury and the halfway mark. Way to go, Britini! Her light shines so bright and so honestly that it's no wonder she ranked in the top three vote-getters for BB Bucks.  

Derek X remarked that for the first time in Big Brother history, not a single white male made the jury, once again showing the dominance of the Cookout alliance. Does the ease with which that alliance has dispatched people while also keeping themselves under wraps surprise you?

It doesn't surprise me at all! Watch how each member of the Cookout has played.

Tiffany: She's thought it through beat by beat. She's wise and mature. She watches people and how they behave. She has figured out the numbers and how each Cookout member has/had a loyal plus one outside of their six to get them this far. Just one exception, she did say Derek F. doesn't have one, but doesn't need anyone. In my humble opinion, he does indeed have someone… God!  He has expressed more than once how much he loves God and his mother.   Beautiful.   

Derek F.: Incredible social game. Who doesn't love him in the house? And America likes him too, judging by the vote to get BB Bucks!

Hannah: One of the highest IQs we've ever had in the house, and she knows that loose lips sink ships. She has told no one of her many accomplishments in life and made up a profile for herself in the Big Brother house, saying she is a dancer and fashion stylist. That's not to say dancers and stylists can't be a BB threat in the game, but she knows it puts most people at ease and means she is not a perceived threat.  

Xavier: Smart. He's told no one that he's really a lawyer. He's pretending to be a bartender and a model. The modeling part is true, but again, he knows people judge and it would be held against him if they knew what he really did. He would be seen as too big of a threat if they knew he was an attorney. He's also wisely avoided getting too much power in the house by throwing competitions. Plus, he's a likable guy who has friends in the house.  

Azah: A woman with integrity, a conscience, and a pure heart. She's honest and lovely. All qualities we all need in life.  

Kyland: He's clearly good at competitions. He's won HOH twice and he won a veto (with his Veto Derby bet). He also has friends in the house. And maybe most importantly, he is tight with current HOH, SB.  

Sarah Beth is the new Head of Household after winning the balance beam competition. What would be her best move for the next week?

Hard to say. Maybe to try and evict Hannah because SB was so vocal a few weeks ago about wanting Hannah gone. If Hannah wins next HOH, then SB will probably be her number one target.  

The Houseguests compete to win the Power of Veto
Otev on 'Big Brother'
| Credit: CBS

Finally, how did this year's Otev as a jacked-up Arnold Schwarzenegger-sounding Octopus stack up for you against Otevs of years past? Do you have a personal favorite? 

This year's was so good I almost called our EP Allison Grodner to ask, "How did we get Arnold Schwarzenegger to do the voiceover!?" But seriously, I love the Otev Love Letter Competition because I love love as God is love! Not to mention, one of the letters paid tribute to Judd's eviction night grizzly bear T-shirt. I have actually often thought about that T-shirt because I thought it was so awesome. I only recently found out that kind of art on clothing is called sublimation. It inspired me to try and create my own sublimation in a new Christian streetwear clothing line. No joke. Expect the unexpected!

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