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Big Brother is constantly telling us to expect the unexpected, so we turned the tables on the latest cast by asking them for some bold predictions on what will go down in season 23, which premieres Wednesday with a 90-minute live premiere on CBS.

Who is predicting another big "Bayleigh on Tyler bloodthirsty bleeding mouth hollering match"? Who had a dream about the dreaded season 16 red button making a reappearance? And who is laying down the boldest prediction of all that "BB US will crown its first African-American winner." We have people predicting showmances! People predicting the return of the Battleback competition! People even predicting one of their exes will show up to play against them!

Some will be proven right. Many will be proven wrong. But all will learn that it is futile to attempt predicting anything on a show that is twistier than a Bull Pullman–Helen Hunt natural disaster film. In the meantime, enjoy how calm, relaxed, and happy everyone looks in the video above, knowing that in just a few hours their entire lives will be turned completely upside down as they enter the Big Brother house and have approximately 39 new game wrinkles thrown at them before the first commercial break. God bless Big Brother, and God bless these reality TV lab rats for subjecting themselves to such shenanigans for our enjoyment.

Watch the video above.

[NOTE: Brandon French and Hannah Chaddha were short on time and unable to provide a bold prediction, while Claire Rehfuss had not yet joined the cast so was never even asked the question. We have no doubt all of their answers would have been tremendous and we mourn their omission, as we also mourn any opportunity to see Brandon sporting overalls.]

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