The fourth time was not the charm for Britini D'Angelo. In the first six weeks of Big Brother nominations, Britini was nominated for eviction four times, and the last one proved to be fatal to her life in the game.

Britini was voted out 7-1 by her fellow houseguests on Thursday's live eviction episode, putting an end to her merry-go-round of appearances on the block and making her the first jury member of season 23. How does Britini feel about Kyland putting her up for eviction after she tried to make a two-week safety deal with him? Which time going up on the block was the hardest? And whom did she want to target as well as sit next to at the end? We asked Britini all that and more the morning after her untimely exit, and she thankfully did not respond in rapping form.

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What do you make of Kyland putting you on the block after you came up with the two-week safety deal?

BRITINI D'ANGELO: I understand that for Kyland's game, he thought that I was the most unpredictable person in the house, which is correct because I didn't trust him a bit. But honestly, what I make of it is the fact that Kyland's not very loyal and the fact that he really showed his true colors in the game. I pride myself in being someone who played the game with integrity and character, and breaking that deal showed me the exact opposite with Kyland. So, to be honest with you, not very surprised. I've been a part of both of Kyland's HOHs, so me not being on the block was a little weird. I felt like he put me up to complete his HOA reign. [Laughs] But you know what? If that's what he felt he needed to do for his best personal game, that's fine with him. It was only his personal game move. So I have to respect it. But at the same token, I don't respect the fact that he broke the deal. I think that was just low.

Which of the four times going up the block was the hardest for you emotionally once you were put up and why?

Of the four weeks that I was on the block, I definitely would say the first week was the hardest for me emotionally. It was the first time hitting the block. I had never felt that feeling before. I was up against Frenchie and Frenchie was telling me there was no way that I'm going home and I'm safe. But ultimately, the first time that you hit the block is the most emotional, in my opinion, because you're feeling all the emotions for the first time. Once I got it down after the first week, you kind of get the pattern down to how the week goes on the block, so I almost got used to it — which sounds terrible because it's the block. But I would definitely say the first week was the most emotional.

You always seemed to be a target, but since you never won HOH and played your cards close to the vest, we never got to learn who your targets were. Whom did you want to take out of the house and why?

Absolutely. I had three people that I really wanted to take out of the house. Number one was obviously Kyland. Kyland was someone that from the get-go, I knew I couldn't trust. That I knew. He thought that he couldn't read me, which is exactly how I wanted to play my game with him. Second person I would have wanted to take out was Sarah Beth. When you ask me when I'm on the block next to you to throw the veto to you twice in the same week, you are no longer just a person in the house — you are now my target. So Sarah Beth. And number three was Alyssa. Alyssa was someone in the house who was really wishy-washy on kind of where she was at with everyone else besides Christian and Xavier. So for me, she was someone who I felt was my direct competition in the house and someone that I thought I needed to definitely get out.

Whom did you want to sit next to at the very end and why?

I wanted to sit next to Azah or Big D. I really wouldn't have cared which of them it was. But I respect the hell out of both of them. They were both my best friends in the house. We truly created such a bond. And I have the greatest friends in the house because obviously, going up on the block four times is not easy and they were so supportive and always stuck with me throughout each of the weeks, so I would have wanted to sit next to either one of them.

Finally, how upset are you that you never got to wear a goofy punishment costume in the Big Brother house?

Oh my goodness, I'm so upset I didn't get to wear a goofy punishment costume! That's all I wanted in the house was to wear a funky costume or a unitard. But you know what? I'll take winning the golden power of veto in Kingdom of Curl-a-Lot instead of wearing a punishment costume ANY DAY! I'll take it.

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