"I'm very blessed and grateful."
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The Cookout cooked their final victim when Alyssa Lopez was the second person evicted on Thursday's live double elimination episode of Big Brother. Alyssa thought she was good with Head of Household Hannah Chaddha, but she thought wrong. She also thought Xavier Prather (who pulled himself off the block after winning the Veto) was the real target, but she thought wrong on that count as well.

While Alyssa became part of the first all-minority final seven in the CBS series' history, she simply ran out of time and allies, succumbing to her inevitable fate at the hands of the most dominant alliance Big Brother has ever seen. We spoke to Alyssa on her way to the jury house to get her take on everything that went down, and what could be in her future when it comes to a possible showmance reunion with Christian.

Big Brother
Alyssa Lopez on 'Big Brother'
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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Did you believe Hannah when she told you that Xavier was her actual target? What do you think would have happened if he had stayed on the block?

ALYSSA LOPEZ: I do believe Xavier was Hannah's actual target because of Claire's speech and things Claire had told her and myself right before the live vote. I think if Xavier did stay on the block with me, maybe Hannah would have wanted him out, but I think he's pretty solid around the house, and I still would have went home regardless.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: In your final speech, you mentioned that people should keep you around instead of Kyland because you would be easy to beat at the end. Why do you think that pitch did not work?

ALYSSA LOPEZ: I think the difference about this season and seasons I've watched is that people are not thinking for their personal game now. People are not thinking long-term. People are thinking right on the spot, and that's not a gameplay I was trying to do. I think keeping me to the end would have made sense for a lot of people in this house. And they're basically giving Kyland a free ride to the final two, doing what he says, because I feel like people are too scared to make their own decisions.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You mentioned to Julie that you felt betrayed by Hannah and that it may have had to do with something Claire said. What do you think caused Hannah to betray you?

ALYSSA LOPEZ: Right before live eviction, Claire did pull me aside and tell me that I should take that shot at Xavier, because people may not be confident enough to do so and that he is pretty solid around the house. I think that Claire, if she said that to me, definitely said that to Hannah. And I think that stuck. I really think Hannah taking me out was a complete waste of her HOH though, 'cause I was never going after her.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You noticed this week that after Claire went out that the final seven would be all minorities. How did it feel to be a part of that?

ALYSSA LOPEZ: It feels amazing to say that the top seven of my season are all minority. It made me feel amazing because even if I didn't win this game, I'll be so happy no matter who wins. But to be a part of such a historic moment on Big Brother, and to say I'm part of that seven? I'm very blessed and grateful.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What do you think the future holds for you and your showmance partner Christian outside the house?

ALYSSA LOPEZ: Okay, I really hate talking about my feelings. It's not something I'm good at. I'm kind of a robot. I will say I do hope to see a future with Christian. I don't know where his head is at, but we did talk about [doing] long-distance and figuring that out. I'm definitely more open to figuring that out outside the house.

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