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Tyler Crispen made it all the way to the end of Big Brother season 20 by making final two deals with pretty much the entire cast. The move ultimately backfired as burned alliance-members eventually awarded the victory to Kaycee “Let’s Go!” Clark instead.

For his return two years later on Big Brother: All-Stars, Tyler was burned by final two deals yet again — but this time it was the fact that everyone else had multiple finale deals without him that left the jewelry designer vulnerable and, ultimately, voted out on Thursday’s live eviction show.

Does Tyler regret not making more side deals? Who did he want to truly sit next to at the end? And how did this season compare to his previous one? We asked the latest victim all that and more on his way to the jury house, but there was one question he chose not to answer.

We asked Tyler the following: “Back when Da’Vonne and Bayleigh were on the block, you offered to volunteer to leave instead because you said they were “standing for something greater than me and I want to see that play out.” What did you mean by that and why did you ultimately not push Christmas harder for it?” Tyler declined to answer that. Here are the questions he did agree to answer.

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: If you could go back and change one move of yours in the game that maybe could have kept you in the house longer, what would it be?

TYLER CRISPEN: If I could go back and change one move that could keep me around longer? Oh, I don't know. I honestly don't know. I don't. Maybe win that last Veto. I'm not sure that there was a whole lot that was going to make me go all the way to the end. No regrets. I would change nothing.

Do you think Enzo left you and Christmas out to dry by not voting with you to get Nicole out instead of David?

Uh, yeah! Enzo definitely left me hanging out to dry, but he had other intentions. He wanted to do what Memphis wanted and what Cody wanted, which I get, but that was the chance to make a huge move right there. Maybe that'll come back to get him later. It definitely came back to get me a little bit. But I'm not mad at him. I get it.

Had you stayed in the house and made it to the end, whom would you have wanted to sit next to you?

Had I stayed in the house and made it to the end, I definitely wanted to sit next to Christmas in the end because I felt like — I don't know if I could say this in the nicest way possible — there were a couple of times when she might have rubbed people the wrong way. She's awesome. I have a lot of patience, so I really like her and I think people like her, but I feel like if I was sitting next to her in the end, I might have been able to explain my game a little bit better than she would. I thought maybe she'd be a good person to sit next to in the final two. So that's why I had a final two deal with her.

You mentioned that a lot of people were double and triple dipping in their endgame alliances like you did last time. Is that a good strategy because it can get you to the end, or a bad one because it may cost you votes?

Yeah, people were double dipping, triple dipping. It was crazy. That was something I was trying to avoid this time because it cost me votes on my original season. So I was trying my best not to do that and then come to find out everyone's doing it. I think it's a good strategy, honestly, to get to the end, and the fact that it's all-stars and I feel like the the jury is going to be a little bit more understanding. At least I am, I can speak for myself. I'm going to be understanding with that. So I definitely think it's a good strategy to get to the end, but this endgame is going to be messy for them. And they don't know what they're in for yet.

How did your experience this season compare to the last one for you?

Oh, man, this season compared to the last one? This one was a hundred times harder for me, just in every aspect. When it came to strategy, when it came to just being there passing the time, every aspect was harder for me. The first time, I probably could have stayed there forever. I'd never even thought about the outside world, but this time leaving Angela and being away from her for the first time that we've ever been apart and being in that house where we met and just feeling guilty and not wanting to get wrapped up too much in the game. Everything was harder. I didn't want to burn people that I really liked. It took me a while to get kicked into the game this time. And that might've been the reason why I went out in sixth place. But as the say, I'm happy it's over.

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