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He thought he was golden. He even told viewers to take notes on how amazing he was playing. And then he was voted out.

Memphis Garrett was booted by his fellow Wise Guys Enzo and Cody on Thursday’s live eviction episode of Big Brother: All-Stars, finishing in fifth place and heading to the jury house. But we were able to catch up with Memphis along the way to ask a few questions. Whom was he addressing with his comments as he left the house? Should he have offered Nicole a better deal to not put him on the block when he was HOH? And which Wise Guy did he want to sit next to in the end? We asked Mem-FIST all that and more. Read on for his responses.

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You told us the other day in the diary room “This is how you play the game. Take notes, everyone.” What should the notes say now that Cody and Enzo voted you out?

MEMPHIS GARRETT: [Laughs] When I say, “Everyone take notes, this is how you play the game,” that was before I knew that Enzo had spilled the beans to Cody that we actually had an Alliance. I never thought that building an alliance that would protect someone would be up for a conversation with someone else. But hey, you know, you live and you learn.

After the vote was announced, you said “Good luck, you guys. You’re gonna need it.” Who was that directed towards and what did you mean by that?

So, the “good luck, you guys you're going to need,” was meant for Cody. And I was looking at him when I said it and I shook his hand, meaning I was going to take him and Enzo to the final three. So, ultimately, you know, they missed an opportunity to have someone fighting for them, at least for the next week. And at the end of the day, I think the way that they went about voting me out, where they didn't say that, even though that I've been very clear on how that's the way I would have like to go out. with them just saying, “Hey, look, you’re too big of a threat, we're going to vote you out” — like I did everyone else in the jury — I think that was a little unappreciated.

When Nicole was HOH, you pitched her a deal to not put you on the block and you said in return you would not mess around with veto and would vote any way she wanted. Should you have offered more in that deal?

I think the deal that I made Nicole, when she was HOH, I offered her almost everything that I could stand by because I could stand by the things that I was offering her at this point in the game. To sit there and tell her, “I'll take you to the final two” — it's like, how many deals can you make this far late in the game? Like how good is my word? And that's why I thought it was so crazy when Christmas was making all these deals. I'm like, “Who's going to believe you anyway?” You know what I mean? I tried to stick with the deals that I set in place and just roll with what I have.

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As people were voted out of the house and learned about the Committee, the person they were most shocked to learn was in the alliance was you. Why were you able to stay off their radar as others were not able to conceal their allegiance?

I think when we started the Committee, the goal was never to be seen in the same room together. The goal was let's not get everyone together so we can all kind of stay off the radar. Unfortunately, Dani, Nicole, Cody, Tyler pack, , they could not, not hang out with each other, and I have no problem not hanging out with anyone in that house.

If you could go back and change one thing that might lead to a different result for you in the game, what would it be?

I think the only thing that I could go back and change that would result in a different game is probably just not build the Wise Guys maybe, or maybe just build one version with Enzo and Cody, since Enzo was obviously spilling the beans to Cody about everything. But at the end of the day, look, if he had an alliance with Cody before me and he was spilling the beans and that just shows me that I didn't really have anything with him to begin with.

Had you stayed in the house and made it to the very end, whom would you have wanted to sit next to you?

With everyone left in the house right now, I would 100 percent want to sit next to Enzo. Even though he's liked by everyone, at the end of the day his gameplay, at least from my side, was lackluster.

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