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October 02, 2020 at 01:19 PM EDT
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Kevin Campbell knew he would be living in the Big Brother: All-Stars house this summer and fall as a cast member of season 22. But he didn’t realize he would also be living on the block. The fifth time was most certainly not the charm for Kevin, as he was finally evicted by a unanimous vote to kick off triple eviction night on the CBS competition series.

Why does Kevin think he kept being nominated for eviction? And why didn’t he hug anyone on his way out? We caught up with Kevin on his way to the jury house and asked him to weigh in on both those things. He also gave his take on why there have been so many unanimous votes the season, and reacts to the horror of all horrors for any reality TV contestant — being called boring by the Zingbot.

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You were on the block five times this season. Do you think that was because they feared you as a threat in the game, or because they did not fear any repercussions from you for doing so?

KEVIN CAMPBELL: Oh my God. I was on the block five times this season, because I like to think that I was a threat, but the reality is they most likely thought that there would be no repercussions if you put me on a block, which kind of sucks ,because that means pretty much I was a pawn which pretty much means I was the lowest person on the whole totem pole of the whole house. So it is what it is, basically though it allowed me more chances to play in competitions. I feel like I've never played so many competitions. Like, I feel like I played twice as many competitions compared to my first time, yet the first time I made it all the way to the end. So, hey, I'll take it.

You were eliminated by a unanimous vote. Why have all the votes this season been unanimous or close to it?

RIGHT?!? I was eliminated by unanimous vote because this house is ruled by a block majority, one. First of all, I haven't seen anything, so I don't know what's really going on, but I feel like everyone is like scaredy cats in this house. Like, they're so scared to do anything out of the norm. It was so awkward for me. Like, I can't even explain how strange feeling it was to be in this house versus season 11, my original season, because on my original season, everybody spoke their mind. We voted how we wanted to vote.

This house is like, really polite. Nobody really wanted to say what they really thought. And nobody wanted to stick out. Everybody was like, “Oh, let me check in with somebody else.” Anytime you needed something. It was like “Let me ask somebody else.” “Uh, can you pass me the ketchup?” “Let me ask somebody else.” You know what I'm saying? Everything was like limp consensus and I was annoyed. I don't know why everybody did that.

So when it became a unanimous vote that I got voted out, I was like, “Oh.” And by the way, I think it's BORING! So I hated it. I was hoping that somebody would shake things up, but they were strong and they were an alliance of competitors. So couldn't make it happen.

The Zingbot’s job is to come in the house and insult the contestants. How did you feel about him labeling you as boring?

Oh my gosh. first of all, when Zingbot came into the house, I peed my pants because I was a huge fan of Zingbot. Zingbot was looking a little butch with his little mustache. But when he labeled me boring, I actually was like [shakes his head back and forth in celebration] because basically what that did is I felt like it helped my game because I wanted to tell people like, “Look, see, I'm not a part of these huge schemey conversations. I don't want you to think that I'm a central character amongst all this sort of like strange strategy or anything that was going on.”

So in in a way I thought boring was a helpful thing, but also too, like, it's kind of a true, I'm a boring, basic ass potato. Hey, for all the boring people out there, if you want to get on the show, just you can, because if I got on this show and I'm in an All-Stars, then you can too. So I wasn't mad. Other people were crying over it, literally hiding from the cameras because they didn't want to be seen crying over it. Other people were mad over what Zingbot said. I chuckled. I think that was appropriate.

How come you did not want to hug it out on your way out the door?

I didn’t want to hug it out on my way out the door because these people are so fake. I'm so over the fakeness, I couldn't, I was up to here with the level of fakeness in the house. Even even thinking about it right now, I'm so annoyed because like everybody would be like, “Oh, I'm so sorry. Oh my God!” Everybody would be hugging each other all the time. And I just was like, “Let's just keep it cute. Let's hug when we're happy.” I love happy hugs, not fake hugs. So I was like, during finale, I'm going to be happy that it's all over. Are you going to be? So let's hug then.

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