By Dalton Ross
August 05, 2020 at 11:00 AM EDT

The Big Brother: All-Stars premiere date is finally upon us. And as executive producer Allison Grodner told us, it was a lot of work getting to this day and making sure the cast and crew were both safe in the process. Host Julie Chen also explained to EW how the show has had to change certain elements of how they film the series to maintain that safety.

And while most of the rooms inside the Big Brother: All-Stars house have been revealed by this point, there is one very important area that has yet to be seen… until now! In this exclusive video showing the front of house stage for the first time, Chen gives EW readers a sneak peek at where she will be welcoming the players at the start of the season to send them on their adventure — and then welcoming them once again as they are evicted by their peers. “The place where I’m gonna be standing?” says Chen. "Brand new."

New how? So glad you asked! “The new look features a high-tech array of millions of LED pixels, giving the Big Brother house some glitzy curb appeal,” reveals the Chenbot, slipping seamlessly into realtor mode. “These new LED lights will help announce milestones in the game, showcase the houseguests inside the house, and provide everyone an even closer look at the players.” (Check out the video to see those LED lights in action.)

So what happens when the players then walk through the front door? Again, excellent question! “When the houseguests pass through the new 10-foot-tall door during the two-hour live move-in premiere they will enter the colorful, Big Brother: All-Stars loft,” narrates Chen. “The loft is inspired by the working art lofts of downtown L.A. It’s built from white painted brick, 16-foot-tall warehouse windows, and decorated with one-of-a-kind installation pieces.”

While unfortunately none of those installation pieces appear to be Zingbot or Otev themed, we can appreciate the fact that Dan’s Funeral is getting the proper respect it deserves as the greatest Big Brother moment ever. Will this be the greatest season ever? Only time will tell, but check out the video at the top of the post to see Julie’s new playground, and then tune in tonight at 8 p.m. on CBS to see both the new stage and house in action.

(Video courtesy of CBS)

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