By Dalton Ross
August 21, 2020 at 12:36 PM EDT

Each week, host Julie Chen Moonves will answer a few questions about the latest episode of Big Brother: All-Stars. Here, she weighs in on the bizarre Head of Household reign of Memphis, the actions of nominees David and Nicole A., Nicole A's tearful exit, and who's in trouble moving forward.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Okay, Julie. What a weird Head of Household week for Memphis. He tried to get everyone (even alliance members) to use their Safety Suite pass. He kept calling David (who is still in the house!) a rookie and saying he needed to prove he belonged. And then he didn’t do what anyone (once again, including his own alliance members) wanted with the nominations or veto. Do you think he helped or hurt himself with his HOH reign?

JULIE CHEN MOONVES: I think he hurt himself with his HOH reign. As you heard him say last week when he won Head of Household, that was a first for him. Sure, he made it to the Final 2 in season 10 a dozen years ago but many thought it was because he had a strong partner in Dan Gheesling (who went on to win with a unanimous vote). Memphis has never experienced HOH power and it showed.

It’s one thing to do what’s best for your own game, but to say that’s what you’re doing and to be so blatant and almost unsympathetic about it to everyone — including his own alliance members — was not smart.  Maybe he called David a rookie because that’s actually what he thinks of himself and doesn’t want to be found out? I am baffled at his gameplay. Going after David and Nicole A.? How are either one a threat to his game? Expect the unexpected.

David told Da’Vonne to calm down and not to campaign for him to stay, while Nicole A. pushed Janelle away as she was fighting to save her. Julie, what was going on with the two nominees this week?

They each couldn’t get out of their own way. Nicole A.’s vulnerability and paranoia got the best of her. Getting nominated so early on when you know you’re not a “comp beast,” it just feels like a personal attack and hurtful. She was shook, and others used that to their own gameplay advantage.

Same with David — I am sure he felt like the nomination was a personal attack. The excuse was weird... you have to prove you belong here? This is not a casting call. The producers and the network decided he belonged there so he belongs there. End of story. Plus, the rookie comment probably shook him. It was not nice.

“If I could give you a hug now I would, but we cannot because of these strange times,” you told a crying Nicole after she watched her goodbye messages. How hard was it to sit there 10 feet apart as that was happening?

Very hard. Nicole A. is from Long Island, [N.Y.], where I did a lot of growing up as a kid. She’s someone I would have been friends with in junior high and high school if we were the same age. She’s a good kid who got played and spiraled downward. The worst part was she realized it. Even with the mask on, you could tell she felt awful. I am giving her a virtual hug right now in my mind as I write this. Going to say a prayer for her and her family tonight. Prayer works.

Tyler wins the latest HOH competition. Who should be nervous this week, Julie?

Technically? NOBODY! ‘Cause he has a deal with EVERYBODY! Kidding. He’s a good kid. I am guessing Janelle and Kaysar. They cannot play in the Safety Suite. And they have no one but each other really working with them. And whether they are real threats to others or not, they are perceived that way by the others due to their popularity with fans and Janelle’s incredible winning record in competitions from the past.

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